Working Full-Time: Why It’s Not For Me

Working Full-Time: Why It’s Not For Me

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“Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.” 

This morning I watched a Facebook video about how we sacrifice our health by working so much for the sake of wealth. This video pointed out that not enough people follow their passion and feel like they have to fit in their passions only in their small amount of free time. I’ve done this, and so have millions of people each day. I’ve worked the dreaded jobs that make me feel trapped in a prison and disable my creativity. Ever since I could remember, I have struggled with high amounts of the anxiety that push me to the limit. This anxiety in a workplace is limiting and frustrating. It can really do a number on your health and happiness. I think most people in society today can relate to this. I’ve put together a few reasons why working full-time may not be meant for me.

Problem with Authority

In my past, authority figures are something that have always been difficult for me. There have been some who have lost my trust and respect due to their actions. When I entered the workforce, I was constantly skeptical. If I feel like a manager or boss is misusing their power, it makes it hard to trust their direction and management skills. Most managers these days are not fit for their positions due to age, lack of experience, or misuse of power.

There are those few personality types that are good for this line of work. When I work with anyone who has power over me, I always tread with caution. It’s an unfortunate thing and it makes it hard while working fulltime because you are constantly around those people. The worst kind of manager for me personally is the micromanager. I am an independent worker and I don’t need someone constantly looking over my shoulder. The best way to earn my respect as a boss? Use your power for good and don’t use your authority to make me feel small. Working 40 plus hours a week, problems with authority can arise for me if the manager is not good at their job.

Lack of Freedom

Wake up at 5 a.m., drive to work, do your job, clock out, drive home, eat dinner, and go to bed. I’ve worked this type of schedule and it feels like a prison sentence. For some people, a routine is key. I’d prefer not to have the same boring routine for 65 years as I slowly age and watch my youth go to dust. The worst part of this is that you have to rush through your morning coffee just to get to your cubicle each morning.

I am not a morning person. I usually don’t wake up till about 11 am (mentally.) No more spontaneous road trips, no more last minute vacations, and no freedom to travel whenever I want too. I might as well shove my wanderlust in a suitcase and shove it under my bed for later. Most places of work prefer weeks in advance, but sometimes the best explorations are last minute. I am a spontaneous kind of girl, and really enjoy going on little vacations at random times. I like deciding how each day goes and being creative with my schedule, so the lack of freedom in a 9-5 is a turn-off.

Zero Creativity

If there is no creativity in a job, I go absolutely mad. Scanning papers, emailing clients, taking phone calls are all great experiences to learn, but where can I get creative? Perhaps I can get creative with the font for the email I get to send? That’s about it. In most jobs, creativity is lacking. In any 8 hour job I’ve had, I always go against the internet rules to write on my blog or find a way to be on social media. I need to stay connected to both the world and my creative senses.

Sometimes, I find inspiration in my day and I can’t express it. In a long 8 hour work day, you need to be able to do something that you enjoy. Otherwise, how do you survive? Do you fit your passion or creative outlet in the wee hours of the evening after your off? Sure, that’s what you should do because work is for focusing on work only. I just can’t do that. I can’t suppress that side of me, I’ve tried and I’ve failed.

No Time For Myself

While working fulltime, I’ve had some pretty long days. At the end of those days, I have felt depleted and wasn’t able to give any effort towards anything else. What kind of life is that? I find it hard to properly take care of myself in the first place and when I have no energy it’s worse. Finding the motivation to work out or eat healthy after a long work day is tough. What about my blog? When I work full time I can’t find the motivation to keep up with all things blog either. With no energy and no time for myself, there is no happiness associated with that.

Draining Anxiety

If you have anxiety, you know exactly how it feels to be drained from your anxiety The anxiety affects every moment, and your brain is constantly on high alert. I would always find little things to worry about such as making mistakes, saying the wrong things, and most frequently getting fired. These worries would flow through my mind like a raging river.

The sad thing is that most companies don’t care if you have anxiety because they care about you getting your job done. This makes the pressure for me even worse because I feel like apart of me doesn’t feel accepted in a workplace. I feel like I walk around and work with all my nerves exposed and raw to the touch. This causes me to feel high amounts of stress and drains my energy like a phone battery. My anxiety in a workplace is more complex than this, but it is one of the biggest reasons why working full time is just too much for me.

Working a fulltime job is definitely a commitment and a hard thing to do. For most people, it is the key to survival and making sure that bills are paid. For me, it’s not a necessity. Locking myself into a 9-5 is just not the right move for me. This job style is not for everyone and that is completely understandable. I’ve tried it and did what I could to manage the schedule. Every time I do work a fulltime job, it ends up crashing and burning because I always end up unhappy.

The best thing for me? Working for myself. When I work for myself, I am able to have all those things above. I have freedom, time for myself, creativity, and less anxiety. I also don’t have to deal with any managers other than myself. If I do work with another company, it’s a short-term contract or possibly a part-time job that I actually enjoy doing. I have to always keep in mind that no job is worth the money if it brings you unhappiness and distress. I am a free spirit who doesn’t like to be caged, I can’t help it. It makes me who I am.

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Do you relate to any of the reasons that I mentioned? Let me know down in the comments.

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