Welcome to Australia

Welcome to Australia

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Hi Everyone! We're Travelling the World! Atlanta>England>Egypt>South Africa>Sumatra>Bali>Australia>New Zealand>South America>Central America>Where next??? I really hope you enjoy my blog. I'm new at this, so be kind.

We Missed Our Flight

Sitting on an airport floor is probably as low as one can get and feel, but we’ve all been there right? I’ve missed one flight before because the ticket agent wouldn’t let me check my bag and it was too big to carryon, until now. We missed our flight to Perth because I forgot to buy our visas online. When we arrived at the airport check-in they would not let us on the flight.

I should have bought them before we left for our trip, but I kept putting it off, and I meant to do it while we were relaxing in Bali, but I never had the chance to relax, much less think of Australia. It was a mess. We couldn’t get our phones to connect to the airport wifi so a nice man let us use his phone. By the time the visas came through, we had missed the flight.


The airline, AirAsia, made us purchase more tickets for the next flight. We found out once we arrived at immigration in Australia that the airline could have easily issued the visa for us causing us not to miss our flight. I was flagged by immigration since my visa was issued last minute. Due to this little mishap, I was questioned for a few minutes about why I decided last minute to visit Australia (ha!), and they let us know about the airline/visa information. The biggest positive to come from missing our flight though, is that Australia does not stamp your passport. But since we were the only people in immigration at this time, they told us to wait so they could find the stamp and they stamped us in to the country! Passport win!


We took an Uber from the airport to our couchsurfing host’s house, Maddison! We walked in to Maddison, her son, and two Dutch guys (other couchsurfers) watching television and were invited to make ourselves at home. Maddison is a travel lover and awesome couchsurfing host! She’s also an amazing woman, too. She hosts many travelers from all over the world and does not know the meaning of selfish.

The couch we spent most of our days on, and their dog we spoiled.

Maddison let us make ourselves completely at home. Maybe that is why we were so lazy on our visit in Perth. Her home was very comfortable, and the neighborhood was nice. We had been traveling for almost two months solid when we arrived in Perth and she was happy to let us lay around her house and watch tv and just feel lazy and normal!

I Feel Normal

We met her boyfriend and one of her German friends named, Stefan. Hands down, he’s the funniest German Andrew and I have ever met. If you know German people, you will understand what I mean. One of our days spent in Perth we went to Fremantle with them all and enjoyed the market and the weather and seaside. I felt so happy being in Perth surrounded by nice people and what felt like a bit of normalcy after traveling to non-English speaking countries that I did not want to leave!

Fremantle Market

Andrew and I spent most of our days walking around the neighborhood. We sorted out a SIM card for his phone since we planned to spend two months in Australia. We also got to spend Halloween there. Maddison has a son who is a pretty cool kid. She literally came home from work, threw together a costume for him to trick-or-treat in and they went out! It was so nice to see that Halloween is still so simple in Australia and parents don’t spend 100s of dollars on fancy costumes for the kids. It’s simple, fun, and just about getting some candy. Come to think of it, I never got any candy! Cooper didn’t share! Haha

Happy Halloween!

Introduction to Australia

Maddison suggested we visit Rottnest Island during one of our days in Perth. I will detail our day at Rottnest in another post. I’ll also let you know of a few more things we did while in Perth in more detail, but for now, I wanted to introduce our Australian chapter of our travels to you few readers I have. Seriously, most of our time in Perth was spent planning and relaxing.

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