Vietnam Food

Vietnam Food

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When looking back on our time in Vietnam, I would 100% say our trip was centred around food. Baring in mind it has been a very wet month, most of our activities have been indoors, very near a bar or kitchen.
From speaking to friends who have lived here for years apparently we have come at a perfect time. The local food is as good as ever, they are catering for vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies better than ever, as well as the standard of western food being at an all time high.
Due to the typhoon we spent the best part of 2 weeks in Hà Nội, we got very well accustomed to using the “Vietnammm” app (equivalent to JustEat, Deliveroo, etc) and can vouch for the western food being amazing.
Chops – had some of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted! On one of my severe hangovers I took on this incredible blue cheese burger, cooked perfectly (medium rare) along with some buffalo wings.

Linguini Fini – the biggest and best pizza, 18” pizza’s (American style), each slice bigger than my hand, were nothing like I’d ever seen before and tasted incredible.

Handi’s – amazing Pakistani restaurant, blew my socks off with a couple of amazing dishes. The chicken makni was a personal fave.

The list goes on …
Obviously the Pho in Vietnam is amazing, I had a particularly nice one on the way to Da Lat (small town unknown) but the layers of flavour are incredible.

We found a tiny little tapas restaurant behind the Hilton / Opera house in Hanoi called Amato. The food was lovely, the staff were very helpful and just wanted to practice their English. It was a great last stop off before a long night train to Hue.

One of my highlights was a hot pot we had in a restaurant on the Tuyen Lam Lake just down from the Da Lat cable car. You see hot pots everywhere but this one ticked all the boxes! Freshly caught fish out of the river, spiced nicely and in a perfect setting….amazing.

We had some amazing local dishes in Hoi An, please check out my blog on Hoi An food here
I’m going to move onto breakfast, purely because I love it, and in Vietnam they do it bloody well. Starting off with the coffee, I believe the French introduced it back in the day and since then the Vietnamese have adapted and made it their own. The Vietnamese coffee is now my favourite, and for them, has become sort of an art. Each district has their own blends with coffee shops on every corner.
Hanoi social club:

EMMs Cafe Hanoi:

Nook cafe and bar Hue:

Maison de Tet Hanoi:

I could go on forever but you get the gist! I havn’t even spoke about Banh Mi the Vietnamese street rolls, which are incredible but watch your tummy, I had many and more times than not they upset my stomach. But they taste amazing! I’d do it again, (plus they’re so cheap).
Basically as you can tell you are spoilt for choice in Vietnam for food! Luckily I used the gym a few times or I’d be rolling into Laos lol!
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