Top 5 Instagram spots in Portland

Top 5 Instagram spots in Portland


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Our next spot on our west coast journey was Portland, home to the Timbers and the Trail Blazers. We travelled down from Olympia on the Amtrak, which we would highly recommend. If you book in advance it can be as cheap as the Greyhound bus, but with a bar, large seats and wifi – it’s a much better option. Portland is a quirky place with lots to see, so we thought we would put together some famous spots where you can take that insta worthy pic.
The smallest park in the world
Mill Ends park is just 452 inches square and deemed the smallest park in the world by the Guinness World Records in 1971. I mean it is pretty tiny, but worth a look and a laugh. Make sure you don’t get hit by a car whilst you’re trying to take that picture though!

Keller fountain park
Named after Ira Keller, head of the Portland Development Commissions, the park is located right in the centre of downtown. The concrete ledges represent the surroundings of the sky scrapers in downtown Portland. It was very quiet when we visited so a perfect opportunity for a picture. You can actually take a dip in the top part of the fountain, there were a few kids roaming around up there.

Stag head Portland Oregon sign
The sign is a greeting to visitors crossing the Burnside Bridge from the east side of town. After many face lifts and restructures, it is now a historic landmark for Portland’s old town. If you are visiting through the festive period, the stag’s nose is illuminated in red to represent Rudolf.

Whenever we told people we were going to Portland, the one place everyone said to go was Voodoo Doughnuts. And you can see why! From the fun neon sign to the glittery walls the decor was pretty extravagant. After queueing to get in (yes we queued for doughnuts) the array of designs were so fun and the prices were very reasonable. We went for the Voodoo Doll, the Dirt, the Loop and Marshall Mathers. Make sure you ask for one of their signature pink boxes too as “good things come in pink boxes”.

Street art
Portland is known for its quirkiness and we sure found loads of street art around the city. “Keep Portland Weird” is definitely the most famous one and is located right next to Voodoo Doughnuts. Check out our full street art walking tour where you can find other fun Instagram spots.

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