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I have a feeling this is my first blog about a specific hostel.. I just had to write it due to the crazy nature of this place. It is simply bonkers lol
Firstly I have to mention it is amazing value for money, with breakfast included as well as free coffee and tea all the time. Just check out this LINK for prices.
On arrival we were greeted by the owner, a French gent called Sebastian, who I can only describe as eccentric… He must have a similar mind to the director Tim Burton, as the design and concept of this hostel is truly bamboozling. To enter you must walk under the tree roots and through a wardrobe (watch out for the coat hangers) where you will then reach reception.

The communal area consists of a cinema, which is hidden above you (but still on the ground floor) I’ll leave that to your imagination. A table/ seating area which is also used as a swimming pool/ ball pit, depending what day it is of course. There is a bar for all alcoholic needs, I would highly recommend the Bintang Radler Orange after a long day in the sun. And then the fun begins with finding your room and exploring the others.

The hostel is under consistent development, we were not allowed in a couple of rooms which were currently under construction but the ideas sounded intriguing. I cannot for the life of me remember which rooms came first, plus it’s an absolute maze, so you can come and go through many hidden passageways. There is a ball pit room! Which is a dorm style room with the floor about 3ft deep with balls, including matching wallpaper. There is a “where’s the pillow” room, no beds have pillows, you have to follow the clues to locate your pillow.

There is a tree house room in the very top of the hostel. Good luck getting your back pack up there though! Some of the rooms only have access through tiny cubby holes, secret passageways and sliding doors. There are numerous balconies with sky views to watch the stars, and part of the communal area is open air. The 1st floor of the building has a massive net like hammock floating 10-12ft above the heads of anyone on the ground floor, it’s a pretty good piece of engineering as it can hold a lot of bodies haha.

We stayed for three nights and still didn’t manage to explore the whole building. If you’re fit, flexible and up for a laugh this is a must do if you’re on Gili Meno. If you’re just up for a laugh and can’t actually fit through the tiny doors and passageways they also have a few nice double rooms in a separate building. The hostel is pretty secluded in its own little plot of land with an area outside for relaxing or playing a bit of table tennis, but you’re still in easy walking distance of the immaculate beaches of Gili Meno.

On entering you will be able to choose a bracelet. This entitles anyone you pass it onto to 15% off their stay, if they book through Facebook or on arrival. This is a pretty cool concept as it’s spreads the reputation through word of mouth of fellow travellers. On a whole you just have to go and let Sebastian give you the grand tour, you won’t be disappointed.
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