Tables and Wine

Tables and Wine

I Must Brie Crazy

Hi Everyone! We're Travelling the World! Atlanta>England>Egypt>South Africa>Sumatra>Bali>Australia>New Zealand>South America>Central America>Where next??? I really hope you enjoy my blog. I'm new at this, so be kind.

We spent the day enjoying tables and wine. Meaning Table Mountain and wine tastings.

Finally, we made it to Table Mountain the day before we were set to leave South Africa. I was worried it would rain, or something would keep us from being able to visit. After our hike up to Lion’s Head, I basically strong armed Andrew in to buying tickets for the cable car. There was no way I was going to hike up a mountain 1/3 larger than Lion’s Head, and then try and enjoy myself. Also, who wouldn’t want to ride on a rotating cable car?

Lion’s Head from the top of Table Mountain

Cable Car Ride

We left Maarten’s and drove around the mountain to the parking location. We bought tickets and stood in line at the base of the mountain for the cable car ride up to the top. They packed us in to the car like sardines in a tin. Andrew and I stood back a bit so we could have a nice window view. The floor of the cable car rotated within the glass walls and windows to give you a 360 degree view as you rise.

The Cable Cars

I’m not sure what I was expecting when we got to the top. I think I was prepared for a more rugged landscape with rocks and bushes. What is actually on top is a fairly easy to maneuver series of paths and points of interest. Much like many other national parks, they have made the top of the mountain accessible to people of all ages and mobility. There is even a cafe and set of toilets. Stairs and ramps lead to different views of Cape Town. We posed and took loads of photos, and when we were bored of that we set out on one of the nature walks.

Lots of paths and walkways

What I didn’t expect was how expansive the top of the mountain is. There are a few walks on top of the mountain that can take you a few hours to complete. We walked for a little while until we were satisfied we’d seen as many views of the city that we could. Most of the walks were rocky and covered in bush and shrub.


As we walked back towards the cable car area on top of the mountain, we noticed what looked like a cloud, but was moving and forming too fast to be a cloud. Unfortunately, it was a brush fire that was started on the side of the road a few miles below. The smoke cloud was wafting our way and covering views of the ocean and towns below.

Later, as we drove to a few wineries, we passed the fire. Many fire trucks and emergency personnel were responding and trying to put it out. As we sipped wine in the vineyard helicopters passed back and forth over our heads carrying water. I believe they were able to extinguish it by the next day, and luckily no one was injured and no homes were lost.

South Africa’s Oldest Vineyard

South Africa has a few wine regions. Luckily, Cape Town has Constantia. We visited a couple wineries in the afternoon to expand our wine knowledge and taste buds. The first vineyard we visited was Constantia Glen. Constantia Glen is probably the most stunning and scenic vineyard I have ever visited. I thought that Delaire Graff was beautiful, but there was a peacefulness and natural elegance that Constantia Glen has over Delaire Graff. We had a very friendly sommelier who was happy to discuss the wines they offered and leave us be to enjoy our tastings. The savignon blanc and rose were delicious!

We wrapped up our tasting there and went to Groot Constantia, the oldest vineyard in South Africa. Unfortunately, we arrived just as they were about to close up for the evening. However, the guy pouring the wine had no problem pouring us a few glasses (free of charge) to sip on as we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful art instead of doing a tasting. I only tried two wines there, and neither of them were to my liking. If I had done a tasting, I may have found one I enjoyed. I think I just chose poor choices.

We ended our day back at the house drinking our newly bought wines and relaxing after a full day of sun and great weather!

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