Street Art in Georgetown

Street Art in Georgetown

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So the Street Art in Georgetown was AMAZING, we’d definitely recommend doing it!
We decided to go straight out in the morning and go on a little treasure hunt around the streets of Penang. We used the app “” which was so handy. You can simply type in which street art you want to see and pin them all to then use offline and follow. There is so many to see but we managed to do a little route which surprisingly didn’t take long – you can do it all in a morning/afternoon. We have put together our best bits with a map, divided up into 5 sections for an easy walk through town.

Section 1:
Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur

Old Motorcycle

No Smoking Area

Bruce Lee

Section 2:
Children Playing Basketball

Susu Soya Asli & Segar

Brother and Sister on Swing

I want Bao

Section 3:
Cat after a Mouse

Marge Simpson

Boy on Chair

Section 4:
Girl on Turtle

Grand Swiss Hotel

Section 5:
Man with Beard

Kung Fu Girl

Indian Boatman

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