Singapore on a Budget

Singapore on a Budget

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What an extraordinary place! The rich drive around in their Ferraris and Lambos, the streets are immaculately clean and the skyline is just incredible. But all of this doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive trip!
We stayed at TripsInn Hostel above the Prince of Wales in Little India. It cost £8pp per night, a little more than the hostels we’re used to but this is Singapore. You can find the hostel link HERE. The hostel ticked all the boxes with WiFi, air con and more importantly 10% off the beers downstairs in the pub, we’d definitely recommend it.
There are so many activities that are FREE in Singapore. Check out our video HERE for an insight into our time in Singapore.
Gardens by the bay are a must visit, the incredible SuperTree Grove is free to enter and stroll around. The added costs accumulate when you start to enter the cloud forest, flower dome or want to enter the Mother tree sky walk. The gardens also have a light show at 19:45 and 20:45 nightly, it’s free to enter and an unmissable sight.

The backdrop to Singapore is the incredible downtown area with its numerous sky scrapers towering into the blue sky. We spent an afternoon just strolling around the area taking some amazing footage and wondering through the business district. Within the business district you will find many hawker centres, these street food style stalls within a canteen setting are an extremely cheap and tasty way of eating in Singapore. I would highly recommend visiting the Chinese food hawkers, the main one being “Chinatown complex food Centre”. The food was amazing and incredibly cheap (around $3-4 a main dish).

Singapore has some amazing shopping malls, even just for a window shopping session and to get out of the heat this can be a great afternoons activity. One of the most impressive had to be the mall within and under Marina Bay Sands hotel! The hotel can be accessed by anyone, stroll in through Tower 1 and admire the crazy high ceilings and impressive architecture.

Marina Bay Sands has some incredible bars and restaurants up on the 57th floor (where the iconic infinity pool is) and they don’t have to be particularly expensive either! Do your research! There is a “Social Hour” cocktail offer at each bar between 7-9pm. Spago, which has views over the infinity pool and out into the Gardens by the Bay offers 50% off its “Love you long time” cocktail, making it $13 instead of $26. This deal is not advertised so make sure you ask for it. There is also a sundowners offer at Spago which offers 50% off selected drinks from 5-7pm so you can enjoy sunset with a cheap drink or 2.

The epically huge casino within Marina Bay Sands is free to enter, just remember to take your passport. Once in the gambling central, all soft drinks are free and have help yourself sections. You can have a gamble or just watch the hoards throw money away whilst sipping some free drinks in the lovely air con’d building.
Singapore is unbelievable hot, and doesn’t have much cover, apart from the shade from sky scrapers. Make sure to plan your route through shopping centres and underground passes, all of which are air con’d and kept in amazing condition. The cheapest way to get around Singapore is definitely either Uber or Grab, both have thousands of drivers all offering cheap options to get around the city. To make your Uber cheaper you can choose the “Uberpool” option, you then share your journey with other passengers resulting in a cheaper ride.

Hopefully these tips help you navigate around Singapore and have an amazing time without breaking the bank.
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