Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

I Must Brie Crazy

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Per Maddison’s suggestion we decided to take a day and enjoy an island off the west coast of Perth called Rottnest Island aka Rotto. Rottnest gets its name from the Dutch explorers who believed the quokkas, who still inhabit the island today, were giant rats, they named the island “Rats’ Nest Island.” The quokkas are the most unique aspect of this island, and one of the only places in the world you can find these marsupials. Nowadays, people head to the island for relaxation, beach activities, and you can’t leave without taking a quokka selfie.


You get to Rottnest Island by ferry. There are a few locations you can leave from. We took the morning ferry from the main land in Fremantle. The ferry was comfortable with nice chairs and concessions for sell. Depending on where you leave the main land from your trip will be a half hour to an hour. Along the way our ferry spotted a few whales nearby, so they slowed down for us to get a view!

I liked the wall in the ferry.


Arriving on the island after taking the ferry, we stopped by the visitor center to find out the best way to see the island in one day. Private cars are not allowed on the island. There were bikes available to rent or a bus that goes around the island and stops at many locations allowing you to hop on or off. There is also a train on the island, but it is not for public use either.

We opted for the bus since we only had one day to spend. Bought our tickets, and got on the next bus! Our first stop was overlooking a cliff-side beach. As soon as we stepped off the bus some quokkas came out of the bush to greet us. You are not supposed to touch or feed the quokkas. Clearly, they have eaten human food and are not afraid of humans. These rules are in place for the quokkas’ protection and health, but sadly we still saw many people touching or feeding them.

Quokkas may be the cutest animal ever.


Wow! The beaches and coves on Rottnest Island are simply magnificent! Around each curve of the island is another gorgeous beach with white sand, blue water, and various rock formations. Each beach you visit makes you feel as though you’re exploring a whole new island. Exploring the beaches made me so sad that we had only planned to spend one day! I could have spent a few months on island time just reading and relaxing and watching the quokkas.

One location had a small group of sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks, and in the distance we spotted some whales breaching and playing! There were free view-finders set along the viewing platforms and we were able to watch the whales and we had them almost to ourselves. We sat and ate our packed lunch and enjoyed the view!

I am not sure how many beaches we explored in the day or which specific ones we went to. But pictures are worth 1000 words and I will let them speak to the beauty and magic of this island.

Best Day Ever

If you are in Perth, you cannot miss visiting Rottnest Island. I only wish I had known about this magical place before, or that we had the money to spend a week in a hotel room there. It is one of the most gorgeous and enchanting islands I have ever visited. On our way back to the ferry we passed a few salt lakes. I had never seen a salt lake before with the salt drying around the edges of the water. There is so much to do, or not do, here that one day, one week, or one month would be the perfect amount of time depending on your wants.

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