Road to Coffee Bay & Port Elizabeth

Road to Coffee Bay & Port Elizabeth

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Coffee Bay, South Africa

Hitting the road again, we left Johannesburg early on Saturday morning, September 30th. We said so long and thank you to our hosts for their most gracious entertainment. Today was a big travel day. Having read many posts about Johannesburg, everyone’s suggestions were to basically leave and get to Cape Town as soon as possible. Our host’s recommendations made our time in Jo’burg awesome, so we decided to spend a little more time there.

Views of South Africa

Because we spent a day, or two, extra in Johannesburg, we decided to drive directly to Coffee Bay. There we had accommodation booked at the Sugarloaf Backpackers Hostel. Andrew drove the 11 hours plus drive, and we arrived around 9 pm. Most of the day was spent going up and down hills and mountains. We drove past townships and around wide open spaces of greenery.

Probably the nicest Township we saw.
The drive was stunning thanks to views like this.

As night fell, we had to dodge people walking along the roads, horses, cows, goats, dogs, etc… I could not have driven it! It was like being in a video game, and I’m so glad Andrew was driving.

Animals were everywhere.

We’re Sleeping in a Tent!

We pulled up to the hostel, and it was very dark. I knew we were on the bay. I could hear it, but I couldn’t see it. We were welcomed by a really friendly girl who gave us a tour and showed us to our tent! We stayed in a bay view tent that had a bed inside of it. The hostel had a bar and a nice kitchen to order food from. There were quite a few other backpackers at the hostel. Most of them seemed to be young guys who were in to surfing. I took a video of the hostel if you’re interested in seeing it!

Our tent for the night.
The view from our tent.

We were very tired after our long drive and busy days in Johannesburg, so quickly fell asleep listening to the waves of the Indian Ocean crash.

Relaxing Morning

I woke up around 7 am to people moving about and starting their day, and decided I had not slept enough so fell back to sleep. When I did get up around 9 am I sat outside for a little while writing in my journal. We ordered hearty breakfasts that came speedily enough, and the portions were enough to fill our stomachs. We decided to relax a little while since the scenery was so peaceful. Kingston, our host at the hostel offered us accommodation for another night, but we knew we needed to get on the road. Sleeping in a tent for another night also wasn’t quite the rest we were looking for.

Proper “English” Breakfast

We took a short walk down to the ocean. I dipped my feet in the Indian Ocean for the first time in my life! It was cold. I expected nothing less. Coffee Bay was very scenic. It reminds me of California with the large cliffs and rocks jutting out of the ocean. We spent the better part of the morning there, so we got back to the hostel around lunch.

Coffee Bay

On the Road Again to Port Elizabeth

We made it back on the open road around 2 pm, and we headed towards Port Elizabeth. Since our hostel in Coffee Bay did not have any WiFi, so we relied on a few recommendations of other backpackers and picked a hostel called The Hippo Backpackers. We didn’t arrive there until around 10 pm. We had such a hard time finding the place. The front of the hostel looked just like a house. We could see their WiFi pop up, but we drove around and around and could not find it. We thought we were going to have to go someplace else, but we found a local who pointed it out to us.

Nasty weather, including hail, made for a beautiful sunset that evening.

Our room was really nice and spacious. However, a wedding party had booked most of the other rooms and were up partying until the next day it seemed. Apart from the noise, we slept fairly well, and we were very excited to wake up the next day to visit Addo Elephant Park, which you can read about in my next post!

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