Riding a Cab in Japan

Riding a Cab in Japan


Foodie and wanderluster from the Philippines.

Time to leave Osaka, but with 2 sick people in tow and 8 pairs of sore legs, we could no longer pull our muscles to get to the subway, which is a 100m away from our Airbnb accommodation.

So, we decided to take 2 cabs, and here’s what we learned:

Rate per Cab:

Flag down rate: ¥660

Add’l per km: ¥80

Total distance: 4 kms

Bill: ¥1060

Cost per person: ¥265

Not bad, eh?

Bill varies depending on which route your cab driver will take and the traffic volume, of course. The fare, according to the driver. ranges from ¥1060 – ¥2000, for a 4 kilometer destination.

It is a bit pricey compared to train fare which is just a ¥180 per ride, but if you want to experience it and are looking for convenience, then do it!

Here’s our happy faces.


Then, lunch at the bus station cafe.

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