Pantai Tengah Food, Langkawi

Pantai Tengah Food, Langkawi

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Langkawi has become one of my favourite places and the food is also of a very high standard. There’s a vast influence here, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western cuisine. I have put together our favourite three eats from the Pantai Tengah area on the south west coast of the island.
Hornbill Hut:
The place has served us so well, I think we visited five times in our short ten day spell. The value for money is incredible as you can see from the menu. (£1 = RM 5.4)

The homemade beef burgers are fantastic as well as the salads. Georgi had the fish burger, which was a really light battered white fish with tartar sauce. Be aware that Hornbill Hut shuts at 2pm, so be sure to get there early enough. Also on Fridays most other restaurants are shut so they get very busy and sell out of most things, get there before 12 for lunch!

Colonial India:
Where do I even start! Our hostel “Zackry Guest House” was next door so this was so convenient. But after looking into it, we saw that it’s probably the most highly rated Indian restaurant on the island! The food is incredible, my personal favourites being the clay pot mutton, the fish masala and the aloo gobi masala.

The staff were extremely good, they let you bring in your own drink, will drop off the food for you if your feeling extra lazy and even give you a bit of discount when they realise you like the place. You couldn’t ask for more. It was a bit pricey compared to other eating options, but we were still catering for 2 people easily on around RM50 (just under £10). This included a couple of mains, a sharing rice and a naan bread.

Cactus is the top Malay food eating spot. This little restaurant gets extremely busy and they don’t have many staff, maybe 2/3 looking after the full restaurant. It’s decorated in previous visitors sports tops and national flags. One wall has a tribute to current and past music legends! The food itself is unbelievable, the layers of flavour are amazing. Be sure to order off the specials board for the best local cuisine. My top pick was the sizzling Malay beef in chilli paste. It was so mouth wateringly tasty! The gravy was moorish, the sort of which you get tempted to lick your plate (don’t lick a hot skillet haha).

The restaurant usually has live music, the standard though is not as good as the food, but makes for a funny sing along whilst you enjoy the Malay cuisine. Waiting times are quite long, as the restaurant always seems to be busy (due to its tripadvisor rating) and the minimal staff. But trust me, hang around and wait for the food!
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