Noosa Heads National Park Coastal Walk

Noosa Heads National Park Coastal Walk


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If you’re looking for a day out that is active and free then make sure that one of these National Park walks is on your to do list!
The Noosa Heads Coastal Walk is the most recommended out of the 5 you can do through the National Park. It has some amazing view points and beaches along the way, and there are plenty of opportunities to see some wildlife. The whole coastal walk is advised to take up to 4 hours, but I would definitely leave a little longer for all of the photo opportunities.
As Sam and I are not avid walkers, we decided to just take the walk from Noosa to Hell’s Gate. This took us around 2 hours, including a picnic stop for lunch and photographs at every main point. Make sure you remember to take sun cream and plenty of water as it can get very hot and there is limited shade.
Boiling Point-

Boiling Point lookout is the first stop you come to on the walk. Its name comes from the froths of water that bubble up when the waves come in. From this point you may be lucky to see some dolphins or even the occasional whale. (We were not lucky and saw no signs of either) 🙁
Tea Tree Bay-

This is the first accessible beach you will come across, and it was pretty secluded considering where it is. Although it is not recommended for swimming, it is an ideal spot for a picnic or catching some rays.
Dolphin Point-

Dolphin Point named for obvious reasons (you can see dolphins here). The waves are HUGE! I don’t know if it was particularly windy on the day we went, but the waves were unbelievable. We didn’t actually see any dolphins, just some crazy surfers trying to catch the 20 foot waves.
Granite Bay-

Granite Bay was one of the prettiest beach coves on this walk. Perfect for surfing, sun bathing or sitting. The walk is elevated so you can get some awesome pictures of down below. It isn’t advised to swim as the current is quite strong so just be extra careful if you do fancy a dip.
Fairy Pools-

The famous ‘Fairy Pools’ are not located on the walks sign post but you can access them from this coastal walk. Fairy Pools are made up of two natural tidal pools that lay low between basalt rocks. The name is just a fancier way of saying natural rock pools.. I know, not as exciting as it seems. The tide was at its highest point so unfortunately we were unable to have a dip and enjoy them in their full glory. If you were to go at low tide you can get some amazing pictures!
Hells Gates-

Hells Gates is a very windy high cliff edge! Be wary of the 10m drop edge as there is no safety barriers. With views looking south to Alexandria Bay it was a perfect spot for us to finish our walk on.
If you are going to do the full walk to Sunshine Beach, there is bus that drops you back where you started – Noosa Heads. Although we didn’t spot any wildlife, it was a fantastic walk and would recommend it to anyone going to Noosa. Maybe you’ll have more luck than us!
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