Most Haunted Places: Tower of London

Most Haunted Places: Tower of London

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What better day to discuss one of the most haunted places in the world than on Halloween? The Tower of London has played a significant role in England’s history, but has also had numerous reports of paranormal activity throughout the years. I got to visit the Tower of London with a friend during a three-country trip to Europe. We both love paranormal stories and horror movies, so we were obviously excited. While we did not see any ghosts (I don’t think), it was daylight at the time, and honestly, the haunting and chilling atmosphere was good enough for us!

The Tower of London was built in 1078 and has had a history of torture and executions for over 900 years, which is what plays into that haunting atmosphere. This historic castle has been used in so many different ways, including as a royal residence, prison, government office, and even to house the Crown Jewels. There have been many reported deaths at the castle, and some of the remains may have been left behind. The guards often report paranormal activity throughout the night.

I thought the entrance to the castle looked inviting enough, but don’t let that fool you!

The castle complex has several different buildings, some of which were originally part of the castle, and others have been part of expansions and rebuilds over time.

The White Tower is the oldest building in the tower complex, which provided accommodations for the King, and is also the building I found to be the most chilling. Many have reported seeing a full body apparition, the White Lady, in the window of the tower. And we even got a picture of a ghost too…I know I said we didn’t see any ghosts, and it’s probably just a reflection, but you never know. We like to call it our ghost.

Inside the Inner Ward, the castle was expanded to incorporate a chapel and some other features. This part of the castle houses the Crown Jewels on the ground floor, and has those old fashion cannons lined up outside. I love the architecture of the building!

Also in the castle yard are the Tudor Houses, which provided accommodations, and were even used as jails for certain captives.

In addition to the White Lady, some of the other ghost sightings around the buildings include Lady Jane Grey, two children in nightgowns holding hands, and the most famous, Anne Boleyn. She was the wife of King Henry VIII who got beheaded. People have reported seeing her walking around the grounds with her headless body. Now that would be a sight!

From the outside of the complex along the side of the River Thames, you can see the Traitors Gate, which is how most of the prisoners entered the grounds.

There’s a great view of the Tower Bridge just outside of the traitors gate.

And finally, there’s this amazing view of the Tower of London from the River Thames.

I really enjoyed visiting the Tower of London because I always love a good scary story, and it has fascinating history and architecture as well. I wish they had the option to stay overnight on Halloween – now that would be scary! No matter when you go, let your imagination run wild, have some fun, learn some interesting facts, and don’t get scared.

Are you brave enough to go to the Tower of London on Halloween? Good Luck!


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