Little India Food, Singapore

Little India Food, Singapore

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When you say “we’re off to Singapore” everyone’s reply is the same “oh it’s expensive there”…. hmm only if you make it expensive. We did 2 nights in Singapore for as cheap as we have been doing the rest of south east Asia.
We stayed in Little India, which is an hour walk or a 15min Uber ride away from Marina Bay Sands hotel. The food here was incredible and at very reasonable prices!
Our first meal was at Hi Five, a Muslim food venue on the corner of where we stayed above the Prince of Wales. I went for the chicken set $4.50 (£2.40) and Georgi went for the vegetable set $3.50 (£1.90) … sound expensive yet? The portions were huge and laid out on a banana leaf. The mix of curries were so tasty and the chicken was perfectly moist! The workers spoke little english, but the menus were in English so you could point and laugh and cross your fingers lol. We went back a couple of times, once you find such a good bargain you can’t help but return.

The Country Side Cafe is a restaurant which serves a mix of foods but their speciality lies in the Indian food. I went for the tandoori chicken rogan and Georgi had the vegetable korai, both were spicy but not to the extent that you lost all taste sensation in your mouth. The garlic naans were epic and fluffy, something that’s hard to find in this part of the world. Our two curries, two naans, one rice and 2 beers came to $20 (£10.80ish) … the most expensive part being the beers.

Little India isn’t just full of Indian restaurants, if you want some variety we found the most amazing little Mexican called Chimichanga. Not related to the western chain, and packs a lot more flavour and value. They were advertising a lunch deal for $10 so we took advantage. It was any main and a soft drink for the equivalent of £5 … bargain.

Georgi went for the borracho fish bowl, tender white fleshy fish battered lightly and accompanied by spicy Mexican rice and salad. I went for the chicken burrito which weighed similar to a brick! When I cut it in half the colours and fillings just looked incredible. The taste was equally impressive, it made my nose run, but such an enjoyable eat. They have so many hot sauces you can help yourself to, I tried at least 4 of them, I recommend the green habanero for your rice! Wow.

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