Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge

Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge

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When you google “things to do in Langkawi” the cable car and skybridge will always be up there, and rightly so! It’s a must do, but only if the weather allows you. You have to wait until a completely clear day, or one where the clouds are not lying low. If you get any other weather you risk the cable car being shut or the bridge having zero visibility.
We managed to pick a day where the clouds were high in the sky, so the view from the bridge was spectacular. The bridge is 2,170ft above sea level, and has some glass bottom sections, which are really quite impressive. It is not an activity for the faint hearted or anyone scared of heights.

We stayed in the Pantai Tengah area of Langkawi at Zackry Guest House. We rented a scooter for the day at a cost of RM25. Be aware that you actually need a driving license for Malaysia, it’s not like other southeast Asian countries where anyone can rent a scooter or motorbike.
The journey was around 30 minutes on the windy coastal roads. When you arrive to the Oriental village it is free to park your scooters at the side of the road outside the main car park. You can enter the village for free, it is very touristy and has a few overpriced restaurants as well as a food court. The main ticketing counter is just to the left of the lake as you enter. The basic package is RM55, for this you get the cable car, 3D art museum and the SkyRex. It’s amazing value and worth every penny!

The cable car travels 2.2km in total, taking you to 3 view points as well as the sky bridge station. The sky bridge is an extra RM5, which is well worth paying after the journey you’ve just been on! The 125 meter curved bridge is a crazy spectacle and not worth missing. Plus the views, pictures and videos you can get from the top are just incredible. Don’t miss out on our video!

The 3D museum was definitely a highlight for me and Georgi. It’s so interactive and amazingly fun! You have to take your shoes off at the entry and pop them in a little bag, which gets stored away until you exit. It’s perfect for children or big kids like me who want to climb and pose with funny pictures and objects. The artwork is unbelievable and some of the 3D illusions blew my mind. You could spend endless amounts of time within the museum, I think we spent around 2 hours getting some great footage and pictures.

If you’re on a backpacking budget like we are then avoid the expensive restaurants dotted within the village and head to the food court near the back. The food is reasonably priced with a large burger, fries and drink for RM16. The whole day was amazing value for money and worth the trip. It is a must if the weather is kind to you.
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