Krakow Design Guide

Krakow Design Guide

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Krakow is a beautiful city with some great gems for lovers of beautiful things.

In this guide I shares some of the best and most aesthetic shops and galleries I found during my visit to Krakow. It features graphic and interior design, fashion, illustration and places to shop for original gifts.

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Krakow Design Guide - Travel guide for design lovers

Idea Fix – Polish Designers

This spacious shop is popular with tourists and locals. It is dedicated to featuring Polish designers, both established and up and coming ones.

Krakow Design Idea Fix

At first you’ll see mostly fashion on display, but if you look around you’ll also discover some accessories, jewellery, art magazines and other surprises.

Website / Facebook

Szpeje – Vintage Shop

Szpeje Vintage Shop in Krakow - a look from outside

A stunning little vintage shop on the extra cool Jozefa Street in the trendy Jewish Quarter (like many other shops in this post).

Krakow Design Szpeje Vintage Shop in Krakow

It’s full of colourful vintage items – decorated tin boxes, glasses, lamps, posters, clocks, bags and lots more. I really liked the retro style postcards.

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Marka – Concept Store

This colourful concept store in the Jewish Quarter has some great, funky home design. Be sure not to miss the back room, as some of its gems are in there.

Krakow Design Marka Concept Store

The shop offers furniture, lighting, wall art, ceramics, textiles, stationary, toys and more.

Website / Facebook

Krakow Poster Gallery and Dydo Poster Gallery

A real treat for graphic design lovers! These two galleries are home to a private family collection of incredible posters. I was stunned by the range of styles and innovative graphic design found in their catalogue.

The collection spans several decades and you will find posters mainly from Poland, but also from other parts of the world. These are mostly commercial posters, such as theatre, film and festival promo posters.

Krakow Design - Poster Gallery Dydo

During the Communist era in Poland, each international movie had to have a poster designed by a Polish artist. This created a strong tradition of graphic design and illustration in Poland, as the local artists invented their own graphic language.

Krakow Poster Gallery

The collection features these old posters from the 50s, 60s, and 70s and if you’re into retro design, the catalogue is just fascinating.

The galleries also display contemporary posters, and apart from posters, you’ll find postcard and books on graphic design.

Poster Gallery Dydo - postcards

The Krakow Poster Gallery is in the city centre, in the Old Town of Krakow, while Dydo Gallery is a little bit outside the Old Town (but easily reachable). Dydo is right across the street from the National Museum which I also recommend you visit while you’re there.

Krakow Poster Gallery Website / Facebook & Dydo Poster Gallery Website / Facebook

Rzeczy Same – Home Design

A gorgeous shop in Podgórze, not far from the Bridge of Locks. It offers stylish home design items, such as plants, scented candles, clocks, wall art, ceramics and cushions.

Rzeczy Same Design Shop in Krakow

Everything is beautiful and carefully selected. It also has notebooks, books, mugs, jewellery, bags and purses.

Website / Facebook

Galeria Luelue – Vintage Photography

This amazing shop in the Jewish Quarter looks really small from the outside, that I almost didn’t notice it. But when you step in you’ll find yourself in a time capsule.

Galeria Luelue Krakow

It has two rooms full of vintage photos that come in different sizes as posters, framed prints and postcards. The shop specialises in reproductions of these old photos and paintings.

It’s a really beautiful place to visit in Krakow, with a strong artistic vibe.

Website / Facebook

Pan tu nie stał

This colourful little shop sells beautiful, original t-shirts.

Pan tu nie stał Design Shop in Krakow

Apart from the tees, there are artworks on the walls, accessories and a kids’ corner with t-shirts books and toys

Website / Facebook


Punca Design Shop Krakow

The sign at the entrance reads “Interior and lifestyle accessories from Poland”. It’s a very elegant shop with an upscale feel.The glassware and jewellery stand out in particular.

Website / Facebook

Lookarna – Illustration Shop and Studio

A unique little shop and studio in the Jewish Quarter, dedicated to illustrations and some hand made products.The illustrations are sold as posters, postcards, bookmarks and magnets.

Lookarna Illustrations Krakow

They are mostly in black and white, with a bit of colour. They seem to be for both kids and adults.

Facebook / Instagram


Krakow Design Galeria Jozefa 11

Behind the generic name is a very cool shop that looks like a good place to shop for gifts. It features jewellery and fashion, as well as paintings, furniture and ceramics.

Address: ul. Jozefa 11

The Cloth Hall

Krakow Design The Cloth Hall - view from the main square

Right in the main square of Krakow is a historical covered market, that you probably won’t be able to miss when you visit Krakow.

It’s a beautiful and colourful market and it’s easily the best place to shop for traditional souvenirs to take home from Poland.

Krakow Design Guide - The Cloth Hall

It has lots of typical Polish designs, dolls, jewellery, t-shirts, mugs, ceramics and so much more.

Pasaz 13

This shopping centre in Krakow’s main square doesn’t look like a typical shopping centre at all.

Krakow Design Guide - Rynek 13 shopping centre

It’s a little hidden, as the entrance looks very ordinary, but when you go inside you’ll find an interesting space hosting some upscale fashion stores and elegant luxury brands.

Website / Facebook

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