Khao San Road Food

Khao San Road Food

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Ahhh Khaosan Road, what a crazy place to start our travels! It’s pure crazy and open 24 hours a day. Market stalls, street tailors, bars and clubs all keep the street buzzing with people constantly, but I’m going to fill you in on the food! If you don’t know I’m a crazy foodie and love trying new and different things.
100TBH = £2.20(ish), it changes from exchange shop to shop but that’s what I’ll be working with, just so you know.
The food options are endless, rows of street food vendors stir frying away, restaurants set back looking over the busy road or exotic animals on sticks – this place has everything!
As we’re away for a long time, we have a budget we need to stick to. Street food is going to be our staple diet and to be honest it’s the quickest, cheapest and tastiest option!

Check out multiple stalls to see what flavour combination you fancy, then stand by and watch them cook you up a storm!
On our first day we went for a chicken pad thai (50TBH) and a prawn pad thai (50TBH) which were fantastic. Georgi being a pescetarian is always on the hunt for meat free dishes – be aware that if you order two dishes they usually cook them in the same wok. If you’re a veggie we found that ordering from two different vendors is the way forward!

This evening, after being terribly hungover all day, we thought that we’d treat ourselves to a restaurant meal. We picked Khaosan Center as it was the closest to our hotel and my poor hungover body couldn’t walk very far! To many Changs and vodka red bull buckets made today a real struggle, but the food sorted me right out.
I went for beef fried with onions and green peppers (150TBH) and an egg fried rice (120TBH, which is so expensive and what I wanted sort of got lost in translation, I should of had a steamed rice for 25TBH). Georgi went for a brilliant vegetable green thai curry (120TBH) and steamed rice (25TBH). The portions are massive and relates in the price, these restaurants are full of holiday makers on short stays who have larger budgets than us travelling folk.

It was lovely as a treat today, baring in mind no booze will be drank tonight hahahaha
Before we leave I’m sure I will try a scorpion or a tarantula on a stick, I’ll keep you posted …
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