Jungle Trek Day 2

Jungle Trek Day 2

I Must Brie Crazy

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Continuing Our Jungle Trek Adventure

We were given the option by our guide to hike back in to the jungle for a few hours in the morning, or we could sleep a bit longer, have breakfast, and then we would all meet again to walk to a waterfall nearby. Guess which one we chose?

Monitor Lizard eating last night’s leftover curry for breakfast.

Luckily, we chose not to go back in to the jungle. The hike would have taken us back up the very steep incline and back down it. It was hard enough the first time. Not only that but my knees were swollen and stiff, my ass was very sore, and I was tired. The two guys from our group who went back in the jungle did not see any orangutans, so I was doubly happy we chose not to go hike again.

Breakfast in the jungle is posh!


We had a filling breakfast of a huge fruit platter and scrambled eggs on four pieces of toast! Shortly after breakfast we packed our backpacks and threw on our bathing suits. We walked a few minutes next to the river to get to a little lagoon and waterfall. Enda spent a few minutes and mixed some mud and clay to make “paint” and gave us all orangutans. Sorry in advance for the bathing suit pictures!

Our Jungle Trekking Group Monkeying Around

Next, we walked to an area in the river that had a strong current but was deep enough for swimming. It was brilliant. You could get in the water and the current would take you downstream quickly. However, the way the rocks were situated in the river there was also a current that pushed you back up and over to the shoreline before you hit the mini rapids.

Little Waterfall

Lazy River Rafting

We headed back to camp, waited for all the inner-tubes to arrive at our location. There are people in town whose job it is to bring the tubes up the river over land. They have done it so much you can tell they’re pros at it. We strapped on our life vests and climbed in to be taken down to our hotel.

Carrying tubes up the river.

The ride down the tube along the river was stunning! I could see the hills of the forest all around. We spotted a few orangutans high up in the trees. The guides began singing the famous Jungle Trek song and the whole experience felt like a real-life Disney World ride.

It is such a lovely river!

Where’s My Hammock?

Thirty minutes later we arrived at our wonderful hotel to wash the water, sweat, and bug spray off our bodies and enjoy some happy hour drinks! Eco-Travel offered a happy hour with mixed drinks every afternoon for their guests to sit, socialize, and eat some free popcorn. I chose to lie in the hammock and pretend I was in paradise. I kind of was for those few days, but I also know I was incredibly blessed to be on that side of Bukit Lawang and not the villagers’ side in shacks and huts sleeping on the floor in their restaurants and shops.

Happy Hour Popcorn! Home Sweet Home

We spent the afternoon relaxing and napping. Another guide talked with us about what other excursion we’d like to go on next. Originally, I booked the Elephant and Orangutan Tour, but I was concerned that I would not enjoy how the elephants were being treated. I had also read that the drive to the village where you wash and bathe the elephants was long and incredibly bumpy.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Since our company had proven to be responsible, eco-friendly, and knowledgeable we decided to stick with the original plan and visit the elephants. Our other option would have been a tour of the local village of Bukit Lawang. The couple who decided to do that tour loved it and loved the people of the village that they met and spent time with.

Playing with the kids in the village during their tour.

We went to sleep knowing we’d be woken up early again to take the long car ride to the other village, but I was excited and exhausted from our one-night camping in the jungle. I went to sleep early and slept long and hard.

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