Jalan Alor Street Food, Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Alor Street Food, Kuala Lumpur

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Well, when we heard that Kuala Lumpur had some unbelievable street food, combined with some crazy spectacles (the Petronas Twin Towers), we couldn’t wait to arrive. We were only doing a short 2 day trip before flying to Kota Kinabalu so we booked a cheap hostel without really looking where it was. Miraculously when we arrived at Dengba Hostel, we noticed it was on Jalan Alor … the heart of street food in KL! This was going to be an epic 48 hours for our tastebuds.

The street is crazy, and nearly 24 hours. It trades from 9/10am through til 5am daily, rain or shine. Jalan Alor is crazily busy, but don’t worry, they can turn tables around quicker than any restaurant you’ve ever been to. The smells tingle your senses and you can’t help but get straight in amongst it. The street is lined with stalls, restaurants and the BBQ’s all selling different and unique munchies.

I started at the bottom end with 10 chicken satay skewers off a one man BBQ. He told me he marinates his chicken all day then sets up his stall from 4pm. The skewers set me back RM12 (£2ish) and were worth every penny.

My next treat was 8 dim sum from the multicoloured dim sum pick ‘n’ mix for RM10! The bargains kept coming and before long we had to take a stroll to town and walk off the food lol!

There is everything from fried ice cream to a whole lamb being barbecued at the side of the road. One thing we’d been told was a must try were the chicken wings from Sai Woo and W.A.W restaurants. As Georgi is a veggie I can personally tell you that they were incredible!

Sai Woo’s were cheaper with a 4 piece setting me back RM3 (60p) … absolute bargain! There are some street side stalls which have everything skewered and ready to be cooked. You just pick what you want (everything is price marked) and they cook it how you like, be it steamed, fried, BBQ’d, or boiled!

There’s everything from lobsters and prawns down to all your different veggies on sticks. Everything on the street is cheap/ reasonably priced apart from the alcohol … be advised that alcohol is taxed heavily and will triple your meal price. It is not crazily expensive, with beers setting you back £3ish a bottle (330ml), but when your food is costing 50p-£3 a plate that’s a bit steep.

Just writing this has made me hungry so I will stop now and Just advise you all to try out Jalan Alor if you get the chance!
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