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We travelled around Colombia for 6 weeks and we absolutely loved the city of Cartagena! With it’s vibrant architecture, lively food scene, caribbean heat and friendly locals you just can’t beat the vibe here. The walled city of Cartagena has some stunning colonial architecture and the streets are lined with beautiful colored houses. So where are these Instagrammable photo spots? Here are my top picks for the best photo spots in Cartagena.
Calle de Don Sancho
This is the perfect street to get the very picturesque clock tower in the background. Just watch out for the cars passing through.

Calle de Don Sancho
Just at the end of this street past the first picture location, you’ll find this amazing orange and blue house which is super cute.

Carrera 8 | Calle de la Cochera del Hobo
Ok, I think this was the prettiest street in Cartagena! I could have taken so many pictures down here but this one was particularly cute.

Carrera 8 | Calle de la Cochera del Hobo
This is down the same street as the picture above, the colours are incredible on this house. Can I live here now please?

Calle 38 | Calle del Santísimo
Pretty and pink! I couldn’t resist really. This is located next to Carrera 8, so really easy to find, you can’t miss the colour.

Carrera 10 in Getsemani | Calle de San Andres
This is located in the Getsemani area, where most of the hostels are. We popped into The Stepping Stone cafe, which is on the street and definitely worth a try.

The City Walls
A walk around or on the city walls is must, and the contrast between old and new is fun to see. This spot was right next to Cafe del Mar.

Clock Tower
You can’t really miss the clock tower as this is the main entrance to the old town. It is very touristy so it makes it difficult to get a decent picture of yourself in-front.

Playa Blanca

Marbella Beach
The Cartagena sign is located at the start of Marbella beach and not one to be missed. The beach was also quite quiet if you fancy a beach day in the sunshine.

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