INSPIRED by Travel and Bravery- Interview by Tiyo Shop Blog

INSPIRED by Travel and Bravery- Interview by Tiyo Shop Blog

Travelling Wanderer

Travelling Wanderer is all about adventure and a girl who doesn’t like to follow the rules. From #vanlife to spontaneous trips, you will find all types of interesting adventures here.

Part of me has always been a little lost wherever I went.
Even if I’m physically within the familiar, my head is always elsewhere. Am I the only one that feels like this? Like something far away is always better and there’s always something more to go out and experience and learn?

Anyhow, my inner hippie and travel-junkie goes out to April, the lovely writer of Traveling Wanderer.

She sounds like someone I’d like to be friends with, for sure. Not just because we share the same favorite song (Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford & Sons). But because she just inspires me to keep on in pursuit of my dream life, and adventure on!

There seems to be no boundaries for her! She recently bought a VAN to accompany her on her travels, and she is certainly not afraid to travel alone as a woman.

I’m not sure if I will ever muster up this kind of courage, and take Europe or a Caribbean island alone, but I will absolutely keep following April on her journey and live vicariously through another daring and colorful woman.

She is not only great for having a blog that is a total joy to read, but she’s also one of those rare people who remembers where she came from and appreciates others’ journeys.

On twitter, I find her voicing opinions on how bloggers should support other beginner bloggers, and people should be more respectful of each other. She often starts follow trains and reaches out to newby bloggers to support them.

If everyone was more like April in every field, the world would be a much, much better place to live. And many more people would accomplish great things, when met with the courage they need.

I think everyone should remember where they came from, and be compassionate to those still on the low points of their journeys (but that’s another post…ahem! *tries to remain calm and not send out a rant post*).

So thank you to her, for keeping a gentle heart.

I personally believe that our difficulties tear open our hearts, clean out what’s dirty and dark, and leave behind a polished and glowing heart.

As a result of pain, when dealt with in the right way, we become gentler, and nicer. We begin to understand pain, and therefore others. We become forgiving, in wanting to be forgiven ourselves. We become compassionate, in needing that compassion ourselves. And we become considerate, hoping to be thought of ourselves.

April is the most wonderful example. Her backstory, aligned with who she has become, is truly a great inspiration.

She has had a challenging upbringing, which I only extend respect and appreciation towards, and has taken that and risen above it, becoming someone who lives out her dreams in the process.

I hope you’ll find those heaps of inspiration I found in her answers. Enjoy.

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