I Quit My Job

I Quit My Job

I Must Brie Crazy

Hi Everyone! We're Travelling the World! Atlanta>England>Egypt>South Africa>Sumatra>Bali>Australia>New Zealand>South America>Central America>Where next??? I really hope you enjoy my blog. I'm new at this, so be kind.

I quit my job. I’m unemployed!

Today is my first official day of unemployment, and not just the kind of unemployment where I wait for my next job to start. Unemployed for a year…or more! I don’t know what to think about that, except, I think a lot of things about it. For instance, I feel anxious, excited, scared, nervous, lazy, relaxed, etc.

What will happen when I come back from travelling and need to find work, but there’s a gap in my resume? After travelling the world, what will I want to do for work? What happens if I just don’t ever want to work again 🙂 That’d be nice right?! I don’t have a paycheck anymore! The thought of not having to work is massively appealing to most people. I’m not most people; I enjoy working (most of the time.) I’m excited about all the possibilities that await us on our trip, but what will I do with my time?

My early work history:

I have been working since I was 12. Not full time at that age, but I would work at the baseball field concession stand, and do babysit every weekend. I saved my money so I could buy my first pair of Nike shoes. I got my first real paycheck at 15 working at a fast food restaurant cashiering and flipping burgers. It was the best! Soon I was on to bigger and better things (aka more pay) at Sneaky Pete’s Hot Dogs, where I smelled like onions constantly. Then Sonic, which didn’t last long since I went to college.

Up to shenanigans at my first job!

During college:

During college I started working in the theatre scene shop, the college’s call center (where we tried to get alumni to donate money), and also a nanny. I also had a brief stint working in a restaurant as a hostess. I hated that job and the uniform. Through my college years, I continued to work as a nanny, a camp counselor, at the Gap, and in the theatre scene shop. As soon as I graduated college, I started a full time job at the Birmingham Children’s Theatre. I still continued to work part time at the Gap, and I free-lance stage managed shows in my free time!

I had a small break in my work history to Los Angeles. I think I managed to be unemployed for two weeks before finding full time work at Warner Bros. After another year I got a second part time job. When I quit Warner Bros. I started my job at Sky Zone the day after! To move across the country again back to Alabama I had two weeks off. Once in Alabama, I finally only had one job! I quit working in Alabama this summer to move to Pensacola, FL so we could live with my family and get ready for our trip! This summer I have been working part time to bring in some money, and I also kept getting to do the work I enjoy. That all ended yesterday. I have 22 years of work history before I’m even 35 years old!

What’s Next?

Now that I’m not working, my time is being used to do important things like writing this blog post, or watching a movie called “Me Before You” –I can only compare that kind of ugly cry to “Beaches”. I’ve also done the dishes from last night’s dinner. Later I plan on packing up clothes and items I’m not taking travelling so they can be put in storage. There is always planning and research to be done for the trip, and when I’m not doing something I feel like I should be doing something.

I have been very fortunate to enjoy most of the work I have done in the past, but I hope that when our adventure is over I am closer to finding work that is more fulfilling to me. I have a passion for theatre and kids (and dogs). Working at Sky Zone only re-affirmed to how much I love working with kids, and that I would like to keep pursuing that. It also taught me that I’m too old to keep working retail hours. This girl likes a predictable schedule.

Ready to Enjoy Unemployment!

I’m ready to enjoy unemployment. I can’t wait to see what else the world has to offer other than “The American Dream” where we work our lives away to try and get slightly ahead on loan payments and mortgages. But work has always been a big part of my life and my identity, so I plan to keep you all updated on how it’s going being unemployed and just seeing what life has to offer!

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