Hoi An Old Town Food

Hoi An Old Town Food

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After our disappointment of Hoi An Old Town being under water post typhoon, we were extremely glad to see Hoi An back to its bustling self when we arrived on 26th November.

Hoi An is known for its countless tailors (over 400 or so), the amazing night spectacle of hundreds of lanterns lining the old town / river, as well as their FOOD! We went to some amazing restaurants and street vendors in Hoi An but I’m going to give you our top picks.
The Old Town of Hoi An is lined with restaurants and cafe’s so it’s hard to pick where to eat. Luckily we had some friends with us who recommended a couple of places to go.
They took us to MIX Greek restaurant in the heart of Old Town, close to the Japanese bridge. As soon as we approached I could see the amazing food on show! Everyone was sharing from these crazily sized platters, some meat, some seafood, some with just mounds of hummus and pittas.
The menu was extensive with really good veggie options (always looking as Georgi loves the veg). Me and Alex went for the meat platter for 2, it cost 460,000 (£15ish) and was enormous.

Georgi went for the veggie platter for 1, considering this was a one person platter it was insanely big. This was the first time on our trip through Asia we had seen big portions of food.

The service was amazing and you could ask for more pitta bread whenever you were running out. They have a restaurant in Nha Trang, also plans to open in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh so would highly recommend visiting.
My second pick would be Hai Cafe Courtyard BBQ, again in the centre of Old Town. We came across this restaurant by pure use of scent, you cannot miss the smell of freshly BBQ’d produce as you stroll down the ancient streets. The menu has loads to offer but the standout page is the BBQ page.

We went for the local Hoi An dish of White Rose to start (delicate prawn dumplings with fiery chilli sauce). They were so so good!

I then choose the mixed meat platter off the BBQ menu, which came with your choice of side; I went for the noodle salad.

The dessert was probably the most impressive course, which is tough for me to say as I’m such a savoury man. But the “Golden bags” were incredible, they were small pastry bags containing warm banana and cinnamon accompanied by vanilla ice cream, coconut shavings and fresh passionfruit.

Georgi went for a chocolate mousse cake which came with a mango sauce and vanilla ice cream which was equally as tasty.

With 2 large glasses of wine (from their extensive list) 2 bottles of water and 3 courses each, we paid just under £30. This was a treat but still incredible value for money. To have that standard in the UK you’d be looking at 3 figures for a similar meal.
We’re now off to Laos, let’s see what the food brings there!
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