Gorgeous Geiranger – Gem of the Fjords

Gorgeous Geiranger – Gem of the Fjords

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Have you ever been to a place that just didn’t seem real? Like it was a movie scene or a dream? Well, you need to visit Geiranger, Norway because it was like that for me when I travelled there this summer. This small town is surrounded by vast beauty and extraordinary panoramas! Everywhere you look, there are fjords and waterfalls with both green scenery and snow-capped mountains. It’s breathtaking!

I know it’s not a big city with hundreds of things to do, but it has plenty to keep you busy and completely mesmerized! Let me show you why Geiranger is a must-see. The pictures speak for themselves, but along with my travel tips, you can definitely make the most out of your visit.

Timing is Everything

The time of year is very important to consider when visiting Geiranger. You definitely want to go in the summer, like I did, because the winter months often experience below freezing temperatures. June through August are probably the best months to visit with the most beautiful scenery and a better chance of sunny blue skies.

However, be aware that it can still rain quite a bit even in the summer months, and it’s pretty cold in the summer as well. While I was there, I found that in a single day, we had blues skies, clouds, and rain. That’s how quickly the weather can change. Regardless of sun or clouds, though, the scenery is still spectacular with views of green fjords and snowy mountains. You get a little bit of everything that time of year.

Water Adventures are a Must

What I mean by this is you need to go out on the water to experience the wonders of Geiranger up close. There are so many options for kayaking, RIB boat adventures, and larger boat tours taking you up and down the fjords. This is how you will get a close look at the waterfalls, small villages, and other amazing sites, especially the famous waterfalls, like the Seven Sisters Waterfall.

If you are up for a thrilling adventure, I would recommend the kayaks or RIB boats. The RIB boats take you on a high speed ride, stopping at all the major sites. If you have medical issues, like I do with my back, I would recommend the larger boat tours. No matter which choice you make, you can’t go wrong with the amazing things you will see on the water!

Climb the Mountain

Well, climb as far as you can and drive the rest of the way. There are plenty of ways to explore the famous fjords and mountains whether you are athletic, or not. You can definitely choose from the many hiking tours offered if you are adventurous and active. But, if hiking is not your thing, and even if you did choose to hike, I recommend taking one of the awesome bus tours that drive you all the way to the top of the mountain – 5,000 feet up. You will have to endure some hairpin turns around the cliffs, which is a little scary, but trust me, it’s well worth it and the drivers are great!

As you start out on the bus tour, you begin to get great views of the fjords and waterways as you begin to move up the mountain. I love the views!

And then, of course, there are more waterfalls to see. It literally seems like there are waterfalls around every corner – unbelievable!

As you move further up the mountain, you start to get more amazing landscape and panoramic views of the entire area. I can’t even count how many times I said “wow” on this tour up the mountain.

And we just continue to climb higher and higher, with more amazing views of the scenery.

And then suddenly you are surrounded by snow, with a beautiful frozen lake right in front of you.

Finally, you reach the top, and even though it’s very cold, exploring is a must with such beauty all around!

Amazing is all I can say! After taking thrilling boat tours on the water and hiking through the green scenery, now you get to play in the snow too. This is why it’s so worth it to take the trip up the mountain!

Explore the City

Even though it’s a very small town, like I mentioned, it’s worth wondering around after your adventures. The people are very nice and it’s such a cute and welcoming village. It’s so small, with only a few hundred people at most, that one of our tour guides said only one person graduated from high school this year and there might not be any in certain years. Wow, that’s crazy to me because of growing up and going to school in California!

While exploring the town, you will definitely come across the Norwegian Troll – it’s hard to miss.

And why not stop for some Norwegian ice cream while you’re at it? There’s a great ice cream shop right there near the water, not too far from the troll. They have this cool way of doing ice cream, where instead of flavored ice cream, they put flavored powder over the ice cream, like chocolate or strawberry, etc. and then it changes consistency almost immediately like it’s part of the ice cream. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, other than to say it was awesome!

All I can say is that Geiranger is gorgeous and is definitely a must-see, especially if you are heading to Norway. With all of the traveling I do, I have seen many mountains, viewed amazing landscapes, and seen a lot of waterfalls. But, I have never seen so many fjords, waterfalls, green landscapes, lakes, and snowy mountains all in one place. That’s what makes Geiranger so unique and worth the trip. I would love to go back for another adventure into this dream-like atmosphere!

Where have you been that felt like a movie scene or a dream – too good to be true?

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