Gold Coast- Surfer’s Paradise

Gold Coast- Surfer’s Paradise

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Getting Around
Once again, we stayed in an air bnb apartment. Before we arrived I contacted the host of the air bnb apartment to check what is the best way to get there. She said to get the public bus from the airport and then the tram to Cypress Avenue. To me, this sounded complicated mainly because I am a public transport phobic… but it was so straight forward. On the way we passed through Mermaid Beach and Broadway beach. The beach just goes on for miles, I have never seen anything like it. Whilst in Surfer’s paradise everything we needed was in walking distance.

Our apartment was a 5-minute walk to the Surfer’s Paradise beach and was part of both a residential and holiday complex. The apartment had a shared swimming pool and Jacuzzi which was a major bonus. The host was lovely and gave us a tour around as soon as we arrived. She also contacted me during our stay to check if there was anything we needed and provided us with plenty of recommendations. For me, the best part about air bnb is the hosts knowledge on the destination.

During our stay the annual Viva festival was on. There was a large marque set up on the beach for the evening entertainment. On the Saturday there was a old car show across the beach front and live music in the centre. The live music was an Elvis impersonator. Considering Gold Coast seems to be a destination targeted at 18-30’s or families… I have never seen so many Golden Oldies. If you like a bit of Elvis, then you would of loved it. If your like me and not so much a fan, then stick to the beach.

So after a hectic week in Sydney, we were pretty much looking forward to chilling out on the Gold Coast. The Surfer’s Paradise centre has lots of restaurants, bars and shops. We started our days by taking a jog along the broad walk from the Surfer’s Paradise beach to the Mermaid beach. We then went on to the beach to do some shuttle runs, squats and sit ups. There is something motivating about working out on the beach. We would then go back to the apartment and chill around the pool for a couple of hours. Once we had some lunch, we would head back to the beach for some afternoon sun. With it being winter at the moment, the sun goes down by 5pm. One of the days we decided to walk along the beach, in total we walked 7 miles! We walked from Surfer’s paradise to Main beach. Main Beach is different from Surfer’s. Surfer’s is surrounded by sky scrapers where Main Beach is more natural with plants and trees surrounding the beach. On our way back we walked along the path at the side of the beach and discovered that they have gym apparatus all the way along, aswell as designated picnic areas and BBQ’s. What I love about Australia is how much the embrace the outdoor life. During our stay we also took a trip to the Nerang River. You can see Chevron Island across the other side where there are beautiful houses that have their own private beaches and boat ports. The beach markets are also a popular attraction in Surfer’s Paradise.  They are available on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. They had lots of creative activities which would be great for families. I also saw a beautiful handbag stall and another stall with some lovely smelling candles. Gold Coast if also famous for its Movie World. We decided not to go as neither of us are a fan of rollercoasters but from what I’ve seen it looks good for anyone thinking of going.

Surfer’s Paradise has so many clubs and bars. One night we went to The Avenue which was an Australian bar and restaurant with its own nightclub. We didn’t go into the club but had some drinks in their outside seating area. The staff were lovely and there was a good atmosphere. Truth nightclub across the road also seemed a popular choice as it had endless ques.

Awkward Alert!
So once you have checked out of your air bnb, you are asked to review the host. The host also reviews you as a customer in return. So the lovely lady emailed me after our stay to let me know I had left a pink thong in the apartment. Any UK travellers reading this would share my embarrassment as a ‘thong’ is a piece of underwear. Well my first thought was, I do not even own one and secondly, I couldn’t even reply to her unless I posted it publicly, which would have been even more traumatising. Anyway, I let it go until the next day when I visited a museum which you will hear about in next week’s post and stumbled across a statement about wearing thongs. I THEN puzzled the pieces together and realised thongs are slang for flip flops and happened to be missing one of them. Major sigh of relief. ​

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