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Hi Everyone! We're Travelling the World! Atlanta>England>Egypt>South Africa>Sumatra>Bali>Australia>New Zealand>South America>Central America>Where next??? I really hope you enjoy my blog. I'm new at this, so be kind.

Because our time in Perth was mostly spent indoors, planning, and being lazy travelers my posts on Perth will not follow a linear path. This post I will focus on a few things we did with a few people we met and re-connected with!

Maddison & Stefan

As depicted in my first post on Australia, Maddison is an awesome person. We didn’t do a great deal with Maddison since she works a full-time job, but we did share a few meals, most of our evenings, and she gave us excellent information on Australia. Sort of an introductory crash course.

Maddison made kangaroo meatballs, yum!

Maddison explained that everything in Australia gets shortened and either an O or E sound is added to the end of the words. Check out this link for a whole list of slang words or Aussie speak!

Also, she helped us plan a few things to do around Perth and suggested our visit to Elizabeth Quay, a waterside urban park area located in downtown. From there, on Friday nights, a boating company offers free boat rides around the harbor and happy hour drinks onboard. You can walk on and go for a spin around the harbor as many times as you would like. Just disembark whenever you’re ready.

I’m on a boat! Elizabeth Quay Elizabeth Quay

We met a few of her friends and spent the afternoon in Fremantle aka Freo. The market place had so many wares for sell. We shared some fish and chips and sat outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Perth can get extremely hot, but lucky for us, it was early spring, so we were blessed with perfect weather.

The gang Yummy Cupcakes! Soaps for sell

We also met Stefan, her German friend, who came and stayed a few days in Perth. He lives farther south, and we were lucky enough to stay with him for a night as we made our way across the country. Stefan is hilarious, friendly, and a really nice guy!

Stefan and his cool Land Rover

Thank you both for hosting us and being awesome.

Liam and Claudia

I met Liam and Claudia for the first time during our time in Perth. Andrew, on the other hand, has known Liam since he was in primary school.

Liam has been living in Australia for a while now after he spent some time doing long term-travel. He met Claudia, his fiancé, in Australia, but she’s Chilean! They’re getting married this October in Chile.

They’re both such nice and friendly people. We met up at a bar and had a few drinks to get to know one another. We talked about traveling and Andrew and Liam caught up on life and what was going on with shared friends. They were easy to talk to and a lot of fun.


Liam introduced us to Australian BBQs! These things could change the U.S. and certainly the world! A free public service for people to cook their meals on without the need of charcoal, lighter fluid, and all the mess that goes along with the fire-dependent grills. We went to the beach one evening and Liam and Claudia cooked us dinner. I’m pretty sure we chose the coolest and most windy evening we had in Perth to grill out, but we had a nice time no less.

Cooking dinner!

Australia has public, electric BBQ grills almost every public park, rest stop, or communal location across the country. Little did we know that this evening would be our first, and certainly not our last introduction to using the public grills. We used them many more times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as we traveled around Australia.

See You Again, We Hope!

Finally, we got to see Liam (and Claudia for a few minutes) on the day we left Perth. Liam was kind enough to offer to drive us to the car rental shop. Little did he know (or we know) that he’s spend a few hours there with us waiting to sort the whole situation out.

It was so nice hearing Andrew and Liam reminisce on times I hear so little about from Andrew. Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughs as they talked of friends and adventures they got in to was a real treat for me. I really hope we get to spend time with Liam and Claudia again and that their marriage is blessed with tons of happiness.


We met Esther for the afternoon on the beach in Perth. She is the sister of a co-worker I know from Sky Zone Corporate in Los Angles, Edgar. Edgar hooked us up with her and she was kind enough to spend a little time meeting with us and sharing coffee and coffee cake. We talked of their childhood in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Beautiful afternoon on the beach with Esther.

She told us of her travels with her partner. They have been traveling around Australia for two years, Andrew’s dream! Esther is a really cool, smart lady with a smart and wise sense of humor and kindness. We never got to meet up with her again as we had hoped. She lives in Fremantle, we were hoping to pass through on our way out of Perth, but our time at the rental company took a few hours longer than we had expected.

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