Exploring Cape Town

Exploring Cape Town

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Bo Kaap

Firstly, I would like to say how appreciative I am to you all for continuing to ready me blog and being patient with me for not updating it in a while.

Beginning with where I left on during my last post about Kirstenbosh Gardens…

We spent the next few days exploring Cape Town on our own with no set agenda. We relaxed a bit, had a few pints at a local bar in Hout Bay and watched some rugby. One of our days we drove around the city to see all the buildings and try and find places off the beaten path. I had heard about an area called Bo Kaap. Most noteworthy, It is the oldest residential area in Cape Town. Bo Kaap used to be known as the Malay Quarter. It was a former township, and an where many Muslims were forced to live during Apartheid. Now, tourists visit for a bit of history and for bright, colorful pictures of the picturesque houses and cobblestone streets.

The houses have only recently been painted. Once Apartheid ended, the inhabitants were able to own their houses so they began painting them in bright colors. Some suggest that it is a nod to Cape Town being labeled the Rainbow City and others say the houses were painted bright colors because the owners could only afford the cheapest paint colors. No matter the reason, this area of Cape Town is not to be missed for some beautiful photos and to learn about the city’s history.

Exploring Cape Town

We also took a drive north, up the coastline to explore a few more of the area’s beaches and see Table Mountain from a distance. It was a gorgeous day for a drive with a drizzle of rain that gave us the photo you see below and helps Cape Town live of to its nickname of the Rainbow City!

While driving it seems like a few of the coastal roads were closed to cars due to waves. They were so high they would flood the street when crashing against the rocks below. It was really fun to watch and enjoy the splashing. We tried our best to get good photos and videos without getting wet!

As we explored Cape Town and the surrounding areas it became clear that this is an amazing city. I think any country would be proud to have a place like this for its people. That being said, the city can be deceiving. You can see the disparity between the races. Townships filled with blacks who cannot afford to live in the city occupy the sides of mountains. The rich and the poor meet, and tourists bring money. I would love to visit Cape Town again. Consequently, I do not believe it is a city I would want to live in until more time passes since Apartheid ended.

Finally, I will leave you with some more photos of our time in Cape Town. Check out my next post where I will highlight our visit to the Cape of Good Hope which is not to be missed if you ever visit Cape Town.

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