Dubai City Guide: Things to See & Do in Dubai

Dubai City Guide: Things to See & Do in Dubai

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This week, we have a very exciting and informative guide on Dubai by Neha Singh, a full-time travel blogger by profession. Read on to learn more!

Dubai is an ever-evolving city of delights, where newer attractions compete with the existing all the time. If you’ve not been to the city within the last few months, here’s some news for you: The Museum of the Future is open and so is IMG Worlds of Adventure. Every time you turn around, there’s something brand new, vying for your time and attention, and aren’t you happy about that? That’s the sort of magical city it is. Check out our Dubai City Guide of things to see and do in Dubai, and you’ll agree with us that this is one city you simply must not miss enjoying.

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Dubai Miracle Garden

Celebrate being alive in this haven of flowers on the outskirts of the city of Dubai. Thousands upon thousands of flowers are arranged in wonderful formations to resemble landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the Empire State Building, the Taj Mahal and even a traditional Chinese pagoda. Every year, these formations undergo a change, and you’ll see cartoon figures and sometimes the figures of celebrities. There’s a butterfly farm next door that’s great fun for everyone. The Miracle Garden is located at Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, close to the Dubai Autodrome.

Dubai Desert Safari

There’s nothing better in any Dubai City Guide than going on a wonderful desert safari in the Dubai desert. No matter whether you sign up for a morning, afternoon or overnight safari, you’ll still enjoy all the desert sports for which these safaris are famous. Have your fun share of dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding and sand boarding, till you’re fit to burst. If you sign up for the overnight or evening safari, there’s a fantastic dinner included, plus some cool belly dancing, Tanura dancing and henna tattooing included. It’s the best fun you can have in Dubai, so don’t miss it!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The best way to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Dubai Desert is via a hot air balloon ride early in the morning. You’ll get two bonuses – the view of the desert from above and the chance to watch one of the best sunrises in the world. Soar thousands of feet above the ground, and feast your eyes on the distant horizon as the sun breaks out slowly over the dark dunes below. The changing colours of the horizon as it reflects on the dunes, brightening the landscape bit by bit are something else indeed. Enjoy an hour’s ride in the cool air of early morning before coming down, feeling exalted and gratified; it’s one of the best things to do in Dubai.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s latest spectacular, spread over 1.5 million square feet of playground. There are 4 epic adventure zones that are dedicated to themes from Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, The Lost Valley and Marvel Comics. If you’re into superheroes, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the best place to join them in action-packed thrill rides. Test out your courage at The Haunted Hotel and other scary rides. Explore the themed restaurants such as the Coffeehouse and Boulevard Gourmet. Immerse yourself in the world of comic book heroes who all come to life in each zone of IMG Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is magnificence itself, standing proud at a height of 829 meters. The Khalifa has two observatory decks – one on the 124th and 125th combined floors, and one on the 148th floor. The one on the 124th floor offers a 360 degree view of the surroundings. Telescopes are mounted at periodic intervals along the deck for a closer look at some of the great landmarks. The observatory deck on the 148th floor offers 180 degree views, but you can see as far as the islands around the city and more. Take a walk on the boardwalk behind the Burj Khalifa to get a great view of the immense structure and its external beauty.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame creates a picture frame of the city, encapsulating the best parts in two separate views. The view to the North shows modern day Dubai with the Burj Khalifa standing proud, surrounded by the many sparkling landmarks of the city. The view to the South shows the older Dubai, the one of the past. The juxtaposition of these two views makes the Frame a poignant and thought-inspiring landmark. The Frame climbs up to a height of 152 meters, and its two columns are connected by a 93-meter, glass-fronted bridge. The elevators that go up the Frame depict immersive multimedia displays on the walls, showcasing scenes from Dubai’s past, present and the potential future.

Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain

The stupendous Dubai Mall with its 1500 plus retail outlets and 800 plus eateries, 25-screen Reel cinema multiplex and a horde of entertainment options has to be seen to be believed. The mall contains the largest gold souq in history, and an underwater aquarium that’s bound to thrill the youngest to the oldest in your family. The Dubai Fountains are just outside the Dubai Mall, set on the 35-acre Burj Lake. These grand fountains are the biggest in the world, and the most spectacular. The coloured dancing water jets shoot up to a height of 50 levels in the air, cavorting to the tunes of Arabic and contemporary tunes. It’s a magnificent sight.

Burj Al Arab

The best way to enjoy the Burj Al Arab’s delightful décor and bespoke service is to stay there. If this is beyond your pocket, then the second best way is to enjoy high tea at the SkyView bar, which offers stupendous views of the surrounding Palm Jumeirah islands and the Burj Khalifa at a distance from its height of 200 meters. Enjoy the Burj’s incredible beauty and the gold accents everywhere. The lobby contains a huge elliptical aquarium which is half the size of the one at the Dubai Mall.

Scuba Diving

Dubai’s reefs and mangrove coasts make scuba diving an interesting and intriguing prospect. You can dive with dolphins at Atlantis The Palm hotel, cavorting with the friendly creatures deep under the water. You can scuba dive off a deep reef along the coast to explore the wonderful marine life underwater. Dubai offers diving courses at the Atlantis and other places. There are many spots where you can dive to check for buried ship wreckage as well.

Dhow Cruise Along Dubai Marina

A cruise on a fully-renovated, beautifully-decorated dhow on the exquisite Marina is an invitation to pamper your eyes and flatter your taste buds. The Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a 3 kilometre stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. You’ll enjoy a mouth-watering dinner on board, apart from various entertainment – belly dancing and Tanura dancing, for example. Henna artists will draw soothing patterns on your hands, while you feast your eyes on breathtaking views of Marina, illuminated by the dazzling lights on city’s landmarks.


Dubai is among the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. Its beauty is owed equally to nature and technology. Explore the city, not just its outer skin but its entire landscape, from the vast stretches of the Arabian Desert to the turquoise blue waters of the Arabian Ocean.

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Have you traveled to Dubai? What was your favorite or least favorite part? Did you visit any of these attractions? Let us know below!

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