Day Six: All about Basel, Switzerland

Day Six: All about Basel, Switzerland

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All about Travel in Basel, Switzerland

Hello Guys, finally I am on Day Six of the Switzerland trip and guess what, I would be sharing on the city I got first introduced to Switzerland, Basel. Travel in Basel is very smooth can be well managed either walking your way around or in the public transport system.

Quick Facts of Basel, Switzerland

Basel also known as Basle holds a very important place in my heart as I have been here for more than three times since 2012.

Basel is a city of culture, art and more importantly Museums depicting its rich culture as it also boasts is the third most populous city in Switzerland.

The Switzerland border at Basel is shared with France and Germany which have a important influence on the culture to a large extent.

Interesting Fact: Basel has a population of 175,000 as of 2017 out of which 2.9% consists of Indians who have settled here

Basel is a industrial hub and is a dynamic economic region of the country as well as a chemical industry hub.

Did you know that the tri-border region is called Dreiländereck

Major Attractions in Basel, Switzerland

Basel is a wonderful city that is best explored on foot or a bike. Having said that, Basel has a wonderful public transport connectivity with Trams and buses that can take you to most of the areas within the city.

Switzerland and Basel in particular lay much emphasis on Art and this is very evident in the number of museums they have in this country which talks about the art and rich culture brought to the fore for tourists visiting this beautiful country.

Do not miss the below:

  1. Marktplatz
  2. Having one or all of the walking tours that you can take in the Basel city
  3. Basel Zoo
  4. Basel Minister
  5. Kunstmuseum Basel
  6. Middle Bridge, Basel
  7. Basel Town Hall
  8. University of Basel (Botanical Garden)
Basel Walking tours (Copyright of

Interesting Fact: Should you wish to see Basel in its best form, do plan a visit during Basel Fasnacht and you would not regret this decision. Basel Fasnacht for 2019 is scheduled for 11-12-13 March 2019 

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Things to know:

  • Plan your day in advance, most of it though and allow for small tweaks taking the weather into consideration
  • Ask your hotel / home-stay to provide you with a Basel Card  (Tram card that would come handy should you need to move around the city with a pass)
  • While in Switzerland, definitely opt for a Swiss Travel Pass for economical, cheaper travel options, these passes are accepted on all public transport systems – Trams, buses, trains and ferries while generous discounts are available for mountain trains
  • Basel shopping closes around 1800 hrs (local time) so do plan to start early and finish early to settle for a pint of beer to enjoy the evening

Where to Stay:

I have traveled to Basel multiple times and have stayed in Boutique hotels and ApartHotels. I would strongly recommend Apart Hotels for anyone visiting, you would have Co-Op’s closeby where you can buy grocery should you want to cook a lovely meal to enjoy with some wine / beer over the evening.

My recommendation for a stay is Adagio Hotel, in Hammerstrasse or Apartmenthaus near Hotel Basel near Marktplatz.

Weather in Basel and Best time to Visit

Best time to Visit most of Switzerland and Basel is between June to August which is the summer time around Europe. You could also look at April – May where it is low season as the summers start to kick-in a couple of months from then.

June to August would be warm months in Basel with the winters starting from November until March of the year and early spring in March.

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Pictures from my visit

Rathaus Town Hall & Marktplatz
Market during daytime at Marktplatz
Middle Bridge, Basel
Walking in Basel is fun
Near Marktplatz
A College beside River Rhine
A College beside River Rhine
River Rhine
Tram station on River Rhine
Basel SBB Railway Station
Snow clad tree near our Aparthotel
Snow on the day we were leaving Basel

Few more pictures from my previous visits

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Until my next Travel Stories series, this is Srikanth signing off!

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