Capsule Hotel Experience

Capsule Hotel Experience


Foodie and wanderluster from the Philippines.

One of the things I was looking forward to on this trip is staying at the capsule hotel I booked at the airport. There was a need to stay at the airport coz family’s flight won’t arrive until the next day. You see, I’ve been to Japan before but had not stayed at a capsule hotel, which is very popular here if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to hotels, so promised myself that if I ever go back, I’ll try to cross it off my bucketlist.

Yesterday, 19th of June, I arrived in Nagoya.. The tiring and sleepless midnight flight got me needing some snooze time but was told that i could only check in at 6pm, and not earlier, which was a bummer. However, they let me leave my luggages at the hotel so that was kind of a relief. I passed time by going to the sky deck and checking out the aircrafts taking off and landing, chatting with a Filipina who was with family on a trip, eating,  and people watching! It was one of the longest 12-hr wait of my life, believe me.

Here are a few pics I took at the skydeck.

After this, I went back to the hotel area to get some rest and catch a nap on one of the benches you see below.

At 5:35pm, I could no longer wait, I was struggling to keep eyes open after my ramen dinner. I went and asked if I could get in. The receptionist finally agreed and immediately processed my check in. Note that if you booked via Agoda or, you have to inform the receptionist straight away and show proof of payment to avoid charging you a second time.

You will be given the house rules, your key card, safe and locker key, and your room number tag. 

At the door, you will be greeted by a robot which speaks both English and Japanese. You can ask him questions if you want to. I could not be bothered because, you know, tired, so swiped away and went in.

First stop: locker room.

A checked in luggage, a carry on luggage, a backpack, shoes, and a purse perfectly fit in my locker. A bag of toiletries and sleepwear was also provided.

There’s toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, hair gum, headband, towelette, face towel, bath towel, footwear, and a set of sleepwear. I’m not sure if you get to keep the bag that keeps all of these but I will ask and update this as soon as I find out.

The Filipina lady cleaner showed me the shower room and the toilet after I’ve safely stashed my belongings in the locker. Here’s what they look like.

So pristinely clean. I was telling my friends I couldn’t get myself to use the shower room floor. It’s the kind of pretty and clean that you don’t want to touch or mess up. Their toiletries provision and amenities will beat a five star hotel anywhere in the world at any time. From my experience here, Japanese accommodations, whether cheap or expensive, provide only the best, quality stuff. They don’t skimp on anything nor shortchange you here.

This shower room is complete with hair dryer, hair irons/curlers, lotions, creams, handsoaps, shampoo, conditioner, facial cream cleansers, body wash, cotton buds, facial cottons,  down to tissues and personal hampers – each sink/shower cube. That’s just how Japanese service is. Always top-notch.

After my shower, I went straight to my capsule as I was ready to zonk out. Below are some pics.

I have a control panel for lights, airconditioning, and clock. There’s a led pen light, charging station, mirror, a safety box, a mini stand, pillow, and a very comfy blanket. It is also individually equipped with smoke alarms which are connected to the airport so make sure you don’t do anything silly. Did I mention that there’s free wifi?

So, there you have it. One item checked off my bucketlist. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did my stay.

Good night and sweet dreams! 🌷💕

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