Capes and Penguins

Capes and Penguins

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Cape Point

Let me continue our adventure with our day in Table Mountain National Park and our afternoon spent seeing the penguins! The drive from Cape Town to the National Park takes just over an hour. You drive through stunning scenery and a few coastal towns. It was bright and sunny and a gorgeous day to spend at the seaside.

The drive is beautiful!

Also, I am sorry I haven’t updated in a while. We are currently in New Zealand where the internet is very spotty, most of our days have been full of camping, and days when I have had the internet I haven’t had the time to blog.

First, went to Cape Point to climb the steep hill up to the lighthouse. From there we had excellent views of the cape. The ocean was bright royal blue and the sun was high in the sky. We took a walk around the lighthouse cape to the farthest point out you could go. From there you could see small inlets with white sands and blue seas.

Tourists were everywhere!
Views from the lighthouse
How far do you live?

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is commonly, and incorrectly, known as the most southern tip of the continent of Africa. It is the most southwestern part of Africa. We drove a few more minutes down the hills and around the coast to the Cape of Good Hope. A long line of Chinese tourists waited to have their pictures taken in front of the iconic sign. We looked around and jumped on the large rocks jutting in to the ocean. By the time we finished surveying the area, the tourists had piled back on their bus and headed up the hill. We snapped a photo in front of the sign and did the same.

As we made our way up the hill a few wild emus passed us. As it was springtime, they had a few baby emus at their sides. They looked like fluffy chickens! We made our way out of the National Park and headed towards the Boulder Penguins in Simon’s Town.


Simon’s Town

Shortly, we arrived. We parked and quickly made our way down to a beautiful white sandy beach. There were over a dozen penguins sunning themselves on a large rock. It was roped off for their safety to keep onlookers from getting too close. One penguin decided to buck the system and was going for a swim. He seemed content to be around the humans, and everyone on the beach seemed content to let him be and watch him at a distance.


Marrten told us that if you took a short walk more inland of the penguin beach that you could see them for free. We decided to try the way first to see what we could see. Well, his tip paid off. We saw tons of penguins up close and personal. The walkway was among their nesting areas! It was so odd to see penguins, firstly, on a beach, and secondly, even more odd to see them in a forest like environment shaded by trees and bushes. The penguins are commonly known as jackass penguins due to a braying noise they make. No joke, they sound like donkeys.

The penguins were right next to the fence and had no issue posing for photos and letting their curiosity get the better of them. The walk was easy and flat and went from one side of the cove to the other. I stopped countless times to take photos. Many of them made the funniest noises. There were a few beautiful lookouts. You could see the beach they inhabited and the bright blue waters around the rocks. We chose not to buy tickets to get on to the beach only because we were able to see so many along the path.

The penguins inhabit the most gorgeous beach!

We ended our day back at the car where I discovered I dropped the camera case somewhere along the beach or walkway. Sadly, we never recovered it. It put a small damper on the day, but apart from my carelessness the day was perfect. We got back to Marrten’s home and had a nice dinner before relaxing after a long day of exploring.

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