Brazilian Visa

Brazilian Visa

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Consulate General of Brazil in Atlanta

Getting a Brazilian Visa is harder than getting my English husband a K-1 Visa to move to America. I am not kidding. Well, maybe not that hard, but not quite as straight forward due to the language barrier, in my personal opinion.

The night before the application appointment I was so nervous. We drove 5 hours to get to Atlanta. The night before my appointment I couldn’t sleep. I was worried I did something wrong or forgot something. There was not a great online guide to help me! We got to the consulate right on time. Andrew dropped me off so we didn’t have to park.

The elevator took me to the quiet offices. The nice girl at the counter said it would be a 20 minute wait. I texted Andrew to let him know and that he probably had time for some coffee somewhere. The offices were very clean and quiet. The opposite of every DMV I have ever been in. I sent the text to Andrew and she called me to her in order to present my documents and application form. She asked me one or two questions and made some small talk as she typed on the computer. Then in a snap, it was over and she said I’d have the return envelope back in about a week! All that fuss and worry over absolutely nothing. Andrew barely had time to drive around the parking area before I was outside and ready to go back home.***

To figure out the application process I googled Brazilian Visa no less than 100 times. I read blogs, I read travel agency posts, I did everything I could do to make sure I was doing my Brazilian Visa application correctly. It felt impossible at times. Luckily, it turns out, I did it right! It took a couple of weeks to get all the information for the visa application put together.

If you’re going to Brazil, below is a step by step process of what you will need to do. Please note that this post in NO way should take place of any information that your specific visa site or consulate says you will need. This information is also specific to applying via an appointment at the Consulate in Atlanta, GA. Each consulate requires slightly different information. This is just a helpful (hopefully) post to make some people’s visa quest easier than mine.

Steps to a Brazilian Visa

Consulate of Brazil in Atlanta Website


Complete the visa application form

Before you can complete the form, you will need to scan the following information and upload it to the site before printing the completed document:

  • Passport ID page
  • Driver’s License or other government ID
  • Passport photo (2×2 inches same standard as U.S.)
  • A photo of your signature

Step #2

Make an appointment 

Step #3 Bring this information to the consulate:

  • Visa Application Form (Printed and signed with your glued passport photo.)
  • Your passport (make sure it has at least 2 full empty pages and valid for at least 6 months past your departure date, preferably more.) Also make sure your passport is signed.
  • 2×2 inch passport photo (Glue the photo on the square between the bar codes (it’s okay that it covers the bar codes a bit.)
  • A copy of your ticket showing your full name with entry and exit dates from Brazilian territory*
  • Evidence of means of support during your stay in Brazil (they suggest $100 a day)**
  • USPS money order for $160
  • Return envelope for the consulate to mail your passport (with the visa in it) back to you. Make sure to get tracking.

The best part of going to Atlanta besides getting a visa for Brazil…GREAT FRIENDS!

EDIT: My visa came in a little over a week after my trip to Atlanta. The visa looks great! I know that’s silly to say, but I’ve seen other visas and this one looks like it was created along with my passport.

*You do not actually need a ticket. You just need a booking reference. I had no idea what this meant and felt as though I wasn’t getting clear information from web searches. We will not be in Brazil for almost a year, and I will need the visa in my passport well before we purchase our travel to and from Brazil. I messaged a travel agent who had been helping us and he sent an email stating that we have confirmed airline reservations through his travel agency for flights in and out of the country with our full names, dates, and flight numbers. We did not have to actually book or pay for the tickets yet. The booking reference basically shows our intent and travel plans. If you have hotel bookings or car rental and return information this is also acceptable.

**They suggest printing 3 months of bank or credit card statements (make sure to delete any account numbers.) I was able to take in one print out showing credit card availability since we will be relying mostly on my husband’s English accounts.

***As I am writing this post I am being constantly interrupted in order to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. No, I am not joking. Andrew had never heard of this game before, and did not believe that it was possible. He’s been at this game for at least 1.5 hours. I keep forgetting what he’s doing since we’re also watching a movie, and every so often he shouts or mutters and reminds me that “he hates Kevin Bacon” after going down this rabbit hole. It’s hilarious.

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