Arrival in to Cape Town

Arrival in to Cape Town

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Our arrival in to Cape Town was dramatic due to the wind and rain, but we made it there late in the evening. Our gracious host welcomed us in to his home and showed us to our room upstairs. Maarten’s home was spacious and handsomely decorated with items he’s collected around South Africa. We were all tired, so we headed to bed after spending a few minutes chatting and getting to know one another.

The next day, I’m sad to report, was spent literally doing nothing! I am pretty sure my natural state is laziness, and I work or move when boredom sets in. I spent most of the day planning things for us to do in Cape Town. Maarten left in the morning, so we had his house to ourselves. It was nice to cook and clean and get laundry done.

Out and About in Hout Bay

Maarten came home in the afternoon and offered to show us around Hout Bay. Hout Bay is a smaller suburb of Cape Town, and it was the best place we could have stayed. We could walk to the end of Maarten’s street and be on the beach that opened out to the bay. There are fisheries and markets all along the waterfront to provide entertainment, and we took full advantage of them by getting fish and chips!

First, we walked along the waterfront edge and watched the seals playing and swimming around hoping to get a fish or two from the fishermen. The scenery there is gorgeous. The bay is encircled with huge mountains surrounding the bright blue sea. Everything about Hout Bay is picturesque, and it makes a perfect seaside setting.


Maarten drove us around a little longer and we arrived at a smaller bay. Large boulders jutted out in to one side of the small bay and large, fancy houses lined the hills overlooking the ocean. We climbed and played on the boulders as the rough ocean crashed against them. We took some silly pictures and enjoyed ourselves before taking a walk along the beach.

Maarten showed us a small dilapidated fort a few miles from Llandudno. We walked around and took in the stunning scenery. Because we were so high up we had amazing views. It was so relaxing and peaceful to see clear blue sky and bright blue waves.

Finally, we drove around the rest of the coastal road and Maarten took us to the V&A Waterfront. It is pretty much an indoor/outdoor mall on the seaside with live entertainment and lots of people-watching. We were able to see some interesting art and take a few great photos. Also, a bird pooped on Andrew! 🙂

Back to Planning

After an enjoyable afternoon and evening out, Maarten drove us back home. I continued planning our next few days in Cape Town. I also researched companies in order for us to swim with sharks! Andrew, while agreeing that he would shit his pants, really wanted to swim with sharks. I spent a few hours reading reviews and picking a reputable company. We booked our slot with them for a few days later.

Unfortunately, we never got a chance to swim with the sharks. The company emailed us to confirm our booking, but they also let us know they had not seen sharks in a few days due to the weather. We were very grateful they told us so that we did not spend money or waste time NOT seeing sharks. Andrew emailed everyday hoping that we could re-book with them if they saw sharks, but we were never able to. They only saw 1 shark a few days later, but already their bookings were full.

I am sad we didn’t get to do the number one activity Andrew wanted to do in South Africa, but I’m glad we didn’t pay money to wake up super early and get in to freezing cold water only to not see any sharks. Such is nature!

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