A Trip down Memory Lane – Spiti Circuit

A Trip down Memory Lane – Spiti Circuit

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Spiti Circuit – Memories

Planning the Spiti Circuit: This was August 2017 and i was searching my way round on what should I do and i ended up deciding out of blue to do a roadtrip to Ladakh. All was set and I was all set to book tickets and that was when the reality came to the front…. Self-Drive cars are not permitted there was the constant feedback i received from all corners…. The idea churning factory started, me feeling dejected, what should I do now, lets try posting on FB, maybe someone may say, Yes buddy, you can take a self-drive car there.. but was not the case and that was when a good friend from work recommended Spiti.. By now, it was Mid-August, Bingo, i decided, so be it, lets get to the Middle Land, never heard of this place, not sure what was in store, no idea of what preparation was needed and here i was planning a roadtrip with family…. did a few YouTube searches, tried searching for blogs with pictures mesmerizing, and roads scary, I decided to plunge in!
In no time, i ended up booking, the flight tickets to Delhi, a Myles car, mapping out my route from Delhi on ScoutMyTrip and that was when Neeraj Sinha made a pitch in, shared a few of his blogs on the preparation.
 Enroute Spiti
Somewhere after Shimla
Finally, the D-Day arrived, we boarded the flight and in a matter of two hours we landed in Delhi on a late night flight and checked into a Oyo. We started the next day fresh with the adrenaline all pumped up and the map we chalked out for ourselves was Delhi – Shimla (via Chandigarh) – Kalpa – Tabo – Kaja – Chandrataal Lake – Manali – Delhi (a full circuit) can you beat it! A novice who never went beyond a Shimla / Manali planning on one of the most treacherous roads Himalayas had on offer… Now i would stop here and share the plan that i created which definitely might come handy.

Day One: 

Delhi – Shimla (overnight stay at Shimla, we checked into a beautiful Oyo Homestay, dont ask me where, i drove in the night and have no clue…. did i just stay the adventure had already started by now…)

Day Two:

Shimla – Kalpa (man what a road was it to Reckong Peo, just awesome with potholes and no where go if there is a bus / lorry coming in opposite direction)

Day Three:

Kalpa – Tabo (did i tell you i forgot my jacket here and a local who was coming behind us got it from the hotel we stayed at)

Day Four & Five:

Tabo – Kaja / Kaza

Day Six:

Kaza to Chandrataal (man, i should say this road after Kunzum Pass to Chandrataal is not for faint hearted, i was sh*t scared by now and just prayed i just reach somehow as i had a family to care for the safety, after a flat tyre at Chandrataal which the camp guys were happy enough to ensure they help me and asked me, what made you on earth drive a XUV500 all by yourself.
Little did i realize then what was in store for me on the Chandrataal – Batal – Manali road and thanks to those invisible friends who by gods grace missed their bus to Manali and asked me for a lift who helped me out maneuver the Nalas on the way)

Day Seven & Eight:

Chandrataal – Manali (Gosh! a big sigh of relief, we made it guys, in one piece…)
Spiti Circuit - Chandrataal Lake
Chandrataal Lake

Day Nine:

Manali – Delhi
Coming to my blogpost: Do read them here: Spiti Circuit
Until another such adventure, this is Srikanth Signing off….

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