Getting started with Blogplotter

Can I remove my blogs from Blogplotter?

Absolutely. You say the word at any time, and we will ensure your content is removed completely from the site. Your content remains 100% your property at all times.

How does Blogplotter connect to my blog?

Depending on how you built your website, most blogs have the functionality of what is called an “RSS Feed” by default. In most cases, Blogplotter can automatically detect this feed from your website, which effectively gives Blogplotter all the details it needs to add your posts to the map. Usually this process will be complete in a matter of hours, but sometimes it could take up to 24-48 hours.

The most common software to make blogs is WordPress, WIX.com, and SquareSpace.

How will Blogplotter promote my blog for me?

The whole idea behind Blogplotter is to take away the marketing side of running a blog, and make it easier for you to concentrate on what you do best – creating great content. There are several ways in which Blogplotter will promote your blog, including:

  • Search Function – a key feature of using Blogplotter will be the ability of users to search for posts, or search by topic or location. For example, someone might want to search blogs about “food” in Cambodia. This method of searching allows users to come across multiple blogs. Once they are reading your blog post, they will have the options of continuing reading your posts on Blogplotter or even visiting your website or social media channels directly. This allows users to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Cross Promotion – Blogplotter allows users to discover your blog through other, similar blog posts. They may never have heard of your blog, but by strategically placing links from one blog to another, it opens your blog up to a much larger audience.
  • Weekly Newsletter Features – every week, Blogplotter will send a list of featured blogs to its e-mail subscribers. This will help put your blog in front of readers who may not have read your blog posts.

What makes Blogplotter different?

Are there rewards for the top performing blogs?

We’re glad you asked! Yes, there are. Our aim is to build a travel blogger eco system which is enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, not just in terms of commission/money earned. Whilst details are still being finalized, our aim is to incentivize our top performing bloggers with free trips, flights, and hotel accommodations, to help them continue to provide great content which supports the whole system. Watch this space for more details.

How do I get paid?

Initially, the plan for payments will be through PayPal or we will be able to offer direct deposit to accounts located in the UK, USA, and Canada. As we grow, we will be able to deposit or send money to wherever you are travelling in the world – so if you are in Thailand, we would be able to release your earnings directly to you in Thai Baht to avoid exchange rate commissions.

I already sell Commission Based Marketing on my website – how is this different?

The big benefits really start to come from scale. Once this project is rolling, we can start to build out much better contracts with large companies who are eager to sell to our users. So for example, booking.com might offer 5% commission on bookings as a ‘standard’ rate for new accounts. But once they start to see volume from these accounts, either in the form of a high rate of bookings or a high rate of page views, they might turn around and start offering 10%. However, now the ball is in our court to negotiate. Perhaps agoda.com would be willing to pay 15%, or Expedia 20%. A key part of our role at Blogplotter will be to make sure our Bloggers get the very best deal for everything they sell through their blogs. In this case, offering exclusivity can really boost earnings, by as much as two, three, even four times as much with the very same content/user base.