Do you want to earn money remotely?

I’m willing to bet that you want to have the flexibility and freedom to make money in your sleep, from wherever in the world you want to be? There’s a thousand different YouTube videos, webinars, podcasts – you name it – all telling you different ways to make money online, but before getting yourself completely lost in all of that, writing a Travel Blog with the help of Blogplotter is the most simple way. And I’m going to share with you how it all works.

I’ve worked in Business Development for many years, and I’m going to share two of my greatest learnings with you right here:

Learning number one…

… is that humans revolve around their emotions. We like to think we are logical, but we far from it. Can you remember a time that you bought something, and you have no idea why other than the fact that you just liked it? Or the time you kept something that you just couldn’t justify throwing away? Emotion is responsible for everything we buy, do, and sell, and if you can learn to tap into your own emotions, you can teach yourself to tap into anyones.


Learning number two…

… is that in order to achieve anything, we need to teach ourselves discipline. Discipline is the one and only way in which to achieve our goals. Discipline is the act of defining your goals and breaking them down into bite size chunks which are achievable, measurable, and which you continue to chip away at until you hit your goals. In my line of work, we called this Deliberate Practice – in short, what are you doing each and every single day to reach your clearly defined goals?

So what does any of this have to do with building the life you want? It’s actually really simple, and it is the formula for every single product out there. Figure out how to connect with someone emotionally, monetize your offering, and have the discipline to make it grow. Congratulations, you’ve just earned yourself a business degree in one minute!

But here’s the tricky bit… how do you actually achieve that? Well this is exactly why I built Blogplotter. Let me explain…

Think of the last vacation you took. How did you end up choosing it? Maybe you saw it on TV, or perhaps a friend’s Instagram post? You might have visited a travel agent, or Google’d cheap flights. No matter how you ended up at your destination, the underlying principle remains the same – the destination connected with you on some emotional level.

This is also exactly what Bloggers do, and exactly what you can do. We all have experiences of destinations, whether it is places we have been to or places we live or have lived. Anyone can start a blog in minutes, even you! Even by living somewhere, you have built up a huge wealth of knowledge about things to do and places to see in that specific area. Why not utilize that knowledge to help aspiring travelers connect emotionally with wherever you live? Some travel blogs focus on exotic trips to far flung places, but not every blog has to – or should. In depth blogs about things to do around someone’s home are just as important, and equally as interesting!

So we’ve figured out the emotional side, what about the discipline side? If you have the discipline, you can pour a lot of time and effort into marketing your blog and getting a following on your social channels which ultimately definitely will earn you money. However, a lot of people become demotivated after the first few weeks when they realize it’s going to take a lot longer to make money than they anticipated.

Blogplotter is the only platform…

… which enables bloggers to make money from their work without having to learn how to run a business and market it. It is simple – we give you all the tools you need to get your blog started, we connect your blog to Blogplotter, and we then we deposit your earnings.

If this sounds appealing to you, go ahead and submit your e-mail address below. I’ll be in touch shortly to take you through the steps of getting going.

My name is Ben Monkhouse, and Blogplotter started as a side hustle which I saw a lot of potential in. I quit my very successful job and joined a remote working organization called Hacker Paradise. I am currently in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and will be heading to Bali in the fall. I’m a real person with a real mission – to inspire the world through real stories from real people.