Blogplotter LIVE

Blogplotter LIVE follows Blogplotter around the world as we check out all the awesome things our bloggers write about! Whenever we are Live On Location, we will Tweet and Instagram using the hashtag #blogplotterLIVE. Follow us, and join in the conversation as we see these awesome experiences for ourselves. Add you tips and tricks to the conversation, and help guide us on all the awesome things to do.

Upcoming Blogplotter LIVE events:

  • March 4-6th: Los Angeles, USA
  • March 9-11th: Edmonton, Canada
  • March 14-21st: Whistler, Canada
  • April 24-May 8th: CAMBODIA! (Itinerary TBC – Phnom Penh – Siam Reap – Koh Rong)
  • May 10-14th: Kelowna, Canada
  • May 21-June 15th: Lesbos, Greece
  • June 16-22nd: Lake District, England
  • And stay tuned for more!